CompareGlobal Group

CompareGlobal Group is the parent company to numerous financial product comparison platforms around the world, operating in 13 different countries across three continents, empowering consumers with a transparent like-for-like comparison on a variety of products such as Credit Cards, Insurance, Telecommunication, and Mortgages. 
During my 2 years at CompareGlobal Group’s technology arm “Startech Asia”, my role as a UX designer includes the following

  • Lead the development of “Customer Login Centre”. Exploring what features would maximise value for end users.
  • Act as the user’s advocate at management level meetings to ensure user’s needs are heard throughout the business.
  • Designed and developed interactive frontend design guidelines to ensure consistent UI and design pattern.
  • Conduct and present user research findings to product teams.

PlaySpeed – Chrome Plugin

PlaySpeed is specially designed to help you make the most out of YouTube, it gives you control over how fast or slow a video is played. Simply click through to the speed you had in mind. Some examples of how it can be used:

  1. Speeding up lectures and talks when you are short of time
  2. Slow down instructional videos so you can really see each detail
  3. Quickly scan through videos for the most relevant section

Rewind videos by 30secs, 10secs, and even 2 secs.

  1. Rewind video to re-watch that sport highlight
  2. Go back 10 secs to jot down those notes
  3. Re-watch in slow motion how something works
We welcome all feedback and suggestions.
Please feel free to contact me was a personal side project of mine, it was just testing a fun idea, that turned out surprisingly well. version 2 is currently in development, aiming to be released in the next few months.

For more information, please read my blog post Surprises from launching
I believe this is the Linkedin post that helped become popular 🙂 Thank you everyone, for their support.

About’s mission is to help promote healthy living via regular exercise in Hong Kong. The first phase is test market demand for a comprehensive directory of all sport facility, clubs and organisation available in Hong Kong.

We want to help individuals see the wide variety of sport activity available and help them find the one that meet their personal needs because we believe the best way to encourage regular exercise is to make sure it is something we enjoy!

After the success of the original MVP to test market demand, was in need for an update to improve the userability, aesthetics and remove certain technical limitations.

Analysising Existing Data

To test our the original MVP, analytics was tracked from the very beginning of, using this data we were able to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current site via quantitative user behavior.

Website traffic trends from 1st October 2013 to 30th April 2014 2016-01-26 18-13-46
Device trends from 1st October 2013 to 30th April 2014

Further Research

A survey was used to better understand user’s current exercise level and to find out what they look for when deciding to join a sports club or gym. These data allowed us to better design contents structure throughout the site, and to better recommend sports clubs in what to include on their site profile pages


User Journey Map and Persona

The Redesign

Looking at the data gathered as well as general technology trend, it is obvious mobile devices will continue to play a major role for consumer websites.

Although the original website was created to be responsive and usable on mobiles, there were plenty of space for improvement. With version two, the focus was to design and code the to be mobile first, whilst also leaving space for enhancements.


Key Requirements

  1. Mobile First, must function well on mobile as well as desktop
  2. Improve search (by sports name, club name or sports type)
  3. Better Filtering Systerm for all Location and Sports type listing pages
  4. More emphasis on logos and photos on sport detail pages

The Result

Most obvious improvement to is page loading time has now drastically reduced. Within the first two month of the new design release, website traffic grew by 28%, active (14 days) users increased 12% and bounce rate decreased by 20%.



Pelago Events

Develop website for Pelago platform. As the server for the site cannot support a traditional database we selected to use PHP based Kirby, a light weight file based CMS system was chosen to provide dynamic content while the grid system was based on the dead simple Skeleton boilerplate.
This project requires full responsive behaviour throughout each page, featuring video backgrounds, scroll detection based animations, and a fully customised blog.

Jeffrey – Digital Concierge App

About Jeffrey

Jeffrey* is an mobile app designed to bring local services to the tip of your fingers. Whether you would like to find local locksmiths, meet up fellow runners nearby or find the best deals from your local shop. Jeffrey is here to help!

Project Requirement

The initial stage for this project was to allow the client to have a better understand of the scope of the project and to see the various components needed for the mobile app they have in mind. The original scope

Mobile app wireframe for Jeffrey an digital location based concierge app covering 4 areas of services:

  1. Community meet ups
  2. Finding Local Services
  3. Local Information and Announcements
  4. Mobile-commerce Shopping platform

Persona: Dave

Dave’s lifestyle means he has very little free time and has to rely on technology to help him keep track on what’s happening around his local area and to get his chores done. That’s where Jeffrey comes in.

  • Dave is 31, lives in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
  • Is a project manager at investment bank
  • Recently moved after marrying to Hannah
  • Works rather long hours from 9am – 7pm (even till 8:30pm)
  • Take 80-95 mins to commute to work
  • Has the latest iPhone 6s Plus
  • Use Facebook and WhatsApp (on mobile) continuous throughout the day
  • Hope to have two kids (a boy and a girl)

Overall Target Audience

  • 25 – 35 year olds
  • Young Families
  • Tech Savvy
  • Busy lifestyle
  • Male or Female

Functional Prototype



The following application wireframe was designed with Sketch and functional prototype was implemented using MarvelApp 
*All branding for this project has been changed due to client’s friendly request

White Label Travel App Prototype

Client’s brief: To design and develop prototypes for an entire eco-system that would allows travel agencies to white-label their own mobile applications.
My role for this project involves speaking with the client to understand their goal, mocking up initial wireframes and designing high fidelity interactive prototype (see below) as well as the development of the preliminary MeteorJS application using the ionic framework.

Willey Printing

A Bilingual wordpress based website for Hong Kong local print studio Willey Printing. My role was primarily managed a team of 3 developers with the development of the sites, provide direction for how to best utilize wordpress’s custom post type features and advance responsive layout for the website.

Desktop View
Desktop View

Tablet View
Tablet View

Mobile View
Mobile View

Avalanche Insights

Avalanche Insight is analytical market research company specialising China’s WeChat platform. This website was designed to showcase assortment of white paper and case studies in an easy to use manner.
My role for this project was to take the original static designs and develop it into a fully functional website with WordPress as the CMS, using Neat & Bourbon as the foundation framework. This part of the project was completed within 10 days.
Website: Avalanche Insight

Philippa Huckle Wealth Management is the corporate website for established wealth management company by the same name. The site with it’s modern design was created to showcase the company’s services, videos and upcoming seminars.
The site was developed using Zurb Foundation for basic responsive behaviour that was heavily customised to fit the design.