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Some of my work

Designing a mobile app for private market investors

Investors today naturally expect to be able to keep track of their investments on the go. My task was to improve the design and branding of the Floww iOS app for investors, making sure it meets user needs and showcases the brand well.

Supporting startup founders to join our fundraising platform

At Floww, I led the redesign of the startup onboarding process, reducing it from 30 steps to a streamlined journey and integrating AI to auto-generate company profiles from pitch decks.

What if starting to trade is simple (but not too easy)? Client onboarding

Overhaul the client onboarding journey within the tightly regulated domain of leverage trading, to enhance the conversion rate from user sign-up to first trade. – Costs transparency in trading

To enhance transparency on the IG platform, we enabled users to see how market changes affect returns based on their chosen instruments. The challenge was presenting this complex information simply and clearly, without overwhelming users, within a tight space.

Designing and developing the Jar of Awesome – my first paid iOS app

I finally did it, I finally launched my own paid iOS app: The Jar of Awesome – Remember every victory. It has taken me over 6 months to learn SwiftUI in my spare time to put this together.

Developing interactive calculators and explainers to better explain what is trading

At IG, I have created interactive calculators to explain trading concepts and promote transparency in risks and trading costs. Some of these calculators were self-initiated projects done for my own learning but had the pleasant surprise of their usefulness for our users as well as our internal teams.

Learning SwiftUI – Cognitive biases app

I decided to make an incredibly simple app as a way to learn SwiftUI for iOS programming. It lists some of the most common cognitive biases, each with an image and a summary.

Redesigning 13 websites for 13 countries – CompareGlobal Group

CompareGlobal Group is a global leader in financial product comparison, operating platforms in 13 countries across three continents. Our platforms empower consumers by providing transparent, like-for-like comparisons of a variety of financial products including Credit Cards, Insurance, Telecommunications, and Mortgages.

Selling rubber stamps

My first attempt at creating and selling a physical product with pleasantly positive results. What started off as a quick video of a prototype on Linkedin went on to sell $1,000 USD worth of units within days of soft launching an incredibly basic website with a paypal button.

Building – Yelp for sports and fitness’s mission is to help promote healthy living via regular exercise in Hong Kong. The first phase is test market demand for a comprehensive directory of all sport facility, clubs and organisation available in Hong Kong.

Building a music community in Hong Kong –

Unite Asia is a Hong Kong based online music magazine focusing on Asia’s Punk/Hardcore/Metal scene. My role for this project was for the functional customisation for the site to allow site visitors to submit music events happening around Asia.

Estée Lauder Microsite Game

Estée Lauder CyberWhite Microsite Game for APAC. This project took over 4 months, working first directly with Estée Lauder APAC headquarter in Hong Kong to develop basic game flow.