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Estée Lauder Microsite Game

My roles: Prototype + testingUI DesignUX Design

This is actually a rather old project I worked on some 10 years ago in 2012, a lot of the design are rather outdated now and I would be the first to admit the UX isn’t exactly the best, I decided to keep this in my portfolio because I learnt so much in this project. There were a lot of late nights and painful back and forth with the client, I even had a client shout at me for 15 minutes before I could get a single word in where I tell them “your colleague told us to do this”, but ended up learning so much with some incredibly awesome people I wanted to remember it by keeping this here. 

Estée Lauder CyberWhite Microsite Game for APAC. This project took over 6 months and many late nights, working with the Estée Lauder APAC team, we develop a game to encourage social media interactions. Once, developed, we worked directly with 8 Estée Lauder regions (Hong Kong, Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam and New Zealand) to help launch localised version of the social media game.

Role includes: Project management, Ideas development, storyboard design and flash development.

Gameflow Wireframe