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  • 18+ years of professional experience in design and tech
  • Expert with design tools like Figma, Framer and Adobe CC
  • Familiar with HTML, CSS, and Javascript  
  • Experienced in startups, product development, UX and prototyping

Why design?

When I was 8 years old my family and I moved from Hong Kong to UK. Not being able to speak English back then meant I became very sensitive to my surroundings, I had to read people. I also learnt to be very empathetic. I was constantly feeling helpless and misunderstood. I don’t want anyone to ever have to feel that way. I want to use my craft to help others as much as possible.

The language barrier also meant I had to rely on the few tools I had to express myself, which turn out to be design and maths which eventually lead me down to becoming a designer

I’m Chi (Pronounced Chee), I’m a London based Product Designer with 18+ years in digital design, specialising in design strategy, product design, prototyping, and user research. My experience in coding further enhances my ability to streamline the entire product development process, ensuring the delivery of exceptional products.

Qualifications and Experience:

Personal Projects

  • Jar of Awesome – Building an iOS app with SwiftUI
    I’ve always been interested in coding, along with my interest to better understand Apple’s Human Interaction guidelines, I decided to learn SwiftUI to really immerse myself into their ecosystem. The result was launching my very own iOS app for storing positive events.
  • UX Stamps – Physical rubber stamps for quick wireframing
    My first attempt at creating and selling a physical product with pleasantly positive results. What started off as a quick video of a prototype on Linkedin went on to sell $1,000 USD worth of units within days of soft launching an incredibly basic website with a paypal button. After selling hundreds of units, and equally many trips to the post office, I decided to sell the business. [Sold]
  • – for Sports and Fitness in Hong Kong, started as MVP experiment to solve my own problem. [Now closed]


  • UX & Product design
  • Figma
  • Design system
  • HTML / CSS / JS
  • Adobe CC
  • Usability Research
  • WordPress
  • Responsive Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Axure RP
  • Google Analytics
  • Git & GitHub
  • Fluent in English and Cantonese
  • Dad jokes

Kind Words from Colleagues

Silvia L

Senior UX Designer @CompareGlobal Group

He has been a constant source of positive energy, always taking the initiative to help out his team and other departments, volunteering ideas, looking for ways to improve work and the product, and to top off these good qualities, he also is an extremely talented UX designer.

Sebastien T

Senior iOS Developer @Floww

Chi is extremely approachable and friendly so was very easy to collaborate with, which is key to good team morale and efficiency. Chi pioneered user feedback in our team to guarantee that the designs we went with would be successful.

Francis H

Product Manager @Floww

He always considers the full user experience, is super-collaborative and is great at taking on board feedback. He’s also got such a positive attitude. I can’t recommend Chi highly enough, any company would be lucky to have him.