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My Work

Redesigning 13 websites for 13 countries – CompareGlobal Group

My roles: Design SystemPrototype + testingUI DesignUX Design

CompareGlobal Group is a global leader in financial product comparison, operating platforms in 13 countries across three continents. Our platforms empower consumers by providing transparent, like-for-like comparisons of a variety of financial products including Credit Cards, Insurance, Telecommunications, and Mortgages.

During my two-year tenure at CompareGlobal Group’s technology division, Startech Asia, as a UX Designer, my responsibilities included:

  • Leading the development of the “Customer Login Centre,” focusing on features that maximize value for end-users.
  • Advocating for user needs in management-level meetings to ensure their voices are considered across the business.
  • Designing and developing interactive front-end guidelines to ensure a consistent UI and design patterns.
  • Conducting user research and presenting findings to product teams.

Customer Login Centre for and

Objective: Explore the development of a customer login system that includes features such as saving application progress, personalized product recommendations, and document storage.

My Role: Conduct requirement gathering, stakeholder interviews, host brainstorming sessions, perform card sorting exercises, create early-stage wireframes, and generate user personas.

Outcome: Enhancements led to increased customer engagement and improved conversion rates, supported by abandoned cart emails.

Redesigning 13 websites – One size does not fit all

Objective: In the third year of operation, with monthly user sessions reaching 150k across 13 websites, we reevaluated our one-size-fits-all approach. This initial strategy was useful for testing market response, but needed reevaluation as we began to scale and increase revenue.

Challenge: Redesign 13 diverse websites to be both localized and maintainable from a single code base, with a focus on a flexible results page that can adapt to varying product metrics.

Solution: Transition our platform to function more like a Content Management System, allowing for customization. We collaborated with local teams to understand user needs and tested redesigned sections incrementally.

Establishing Core Principles: We set six core principles to guide our redesign process:

  1. Simplicity and speed, with an app-like feel
  2. Complete user journeys within 120 seconds
  3. Clear user guidance throughout their journey
  4. Balancing UX with SEO
  5. Personalizing the user experience
  6. Prioritizing mobile-first design
Website sitemap


Page breakdown
Snapshot of suggested results page structure


The Outcome

The redesigned results page significantly increased application clicks, with a 23.6% increase in applications made and a 9.75% improvement in page loading speed, measured three months post-redesign.