Size: XS

UX & Product Designer

Chi Wai Li

Work I've done – Client onboarding

Project Objective

To redesign the client onboarding journey within the highly regulated industry of leverage trading and improve user sign up to first trade conversion.

The Challenges

Started with the question “What if becoming an IG client is simple?” We methodically challenged each touch point and interaction a prospective client must encounter to become an active IG client. This consists of working closely with various SME ranging from traders/dealers, legal & compliance and tech teams.

Over the span of 2 years, we ran 25+ client interview sessions with prototypes of various fidelity and 30+ A/B tests, spending numerous hours pouring over both quantitative and qualitative data to understand what would provide the best customer experience.

The Outcome

Improvements implemented ranged from top level questions such as the regulatory need for a particular section to the optimal UI component of each question.

The project was considered a major success, with estimated increase in annual revenue to be 6 figure GBP.