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The very first version of

UX Stamps was my foray into creating and selling a physical product, exceeding initial expectations with positive results. The core concept? Rubber stamps designed to jumpstart paper prototyping. These stamps allow users to easily sketch ideas in context directly on paper, offering an alternative to online print templates. Whether it’s working on large A3 sheets or your favourite Moleskine/Leuchtturm notepads, UX Stamps provide the flexibility to prototype on the go.

While initially conceived as a fun experiment, the project gained unexpected traction. A simple video uploaded to LinkedIn and Instagram generated significant interest (by my standards), prompting me to pursue its potential.

Embracing a lean approach focused on building and learning, I quickly built a minimal viable product (MVP) website using a free template with a basic PayPal button. Within days, the site garnered over $1,000 USD in orders.

Uniquely, this MVP launched with zero initial stock. Every order triggered a production request to a local manufacturer. I also promptly contacted printing companies for packaging and sticker quotes. This experience presented a steep learning curve, but one filled with exhilaration.

I believeĀ this is the Linkedin post that helped become popular šŸ™‚ Thank you everyone, for their support.

Ā Upscaling to V2

3D model for v2 of UXstamps

After selling hundreds of units, and equally many trips to the post office, I decided to sell the business.

For more information, please read my blog postĀ Surprises from launching