Size: XS

My Work

Developing interactive calculators and explainers to better explain what is trading

My roles: CodingPrototype + testingUX Design

At IG, I have created interactive calculators to explain trading concepts and promote transparency in risks and trading costs. Some of these calculators were self-initiated projects done for my own learning but had the pleasant surprise of their usefulness for our users as well as our internal teams.

Type 1: Explainers

These are for helping users understand

  • How much can I make?
  • How much am I risking?
  • Whats the difference between Share dealing vs cFD…?

Type 2: Calculations

Shortcuts for clients to quickly workout something

  • What will my profit / loss be with X market moves by Y?
  • What’s the margin requirement for 3 contracts of X market?
  • What’s the overnight funding fee for X market for Z days?

These prototypes were built using either HTML/JS, or Axure for maximum control.

How does CFD work, a POC calculator


Forex trading P&L (Clickable prototype)


How trading turbos vs share dealing impact ROI (Clickable prototype)