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Learning SwiftUI – Cognitive biases app

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I decided to make an incredibly simple app as a way to learn SwiftUI for iOS programming. It lists some of the most common cognitive biases, each with an image and a summary.

Cognitive Bias mobile app screens

Design with Awareness, Decide with Confidence

Unlock the secrets of the human mind with BiasBuster, the essential tool for UX designers, product managers, and decision-makers. Dive into the fascinating world of cognitive biases with an app that’s designed to sharpen your decision-making and refine your design instincts.

A succinct collection of the most common cognitive biases, each accompanied by a vivid illustration and a concise summary. With this handy reference, you’ll navigate the intricacies of human psychology with ease, ensuring your product decisions are informed and objective.


  • Handpicked Biases: A curated list of cognitive biases tailored for product design and management.
  • Visual Learning: Each bias is paired with an engaging, illustrative example, simplifying complex concepts.
  • Oversimplified Summaries: Get to the core of each bias with clear, jargon-free explanations.
  • Favourites List: Bookmark biases you encounter frequently to revisit them anytime.

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