5 Cool Things #12 8th Feb 2015

One Guide:
Getting starting to ECommerce (What should you sell)

Shopify, one biggest name in hosted ecommerce solutions has created this guide to help you to build your own online shopping business  One Game:

Space Invader with Hex Color

If you are a web designer and played Space Invader as a kid, you might like this game.

One Article:
Brain on Fast Mode

I am incredibly guilty in terms of rushing and stressing with every little thing. Its a real struggle for me to slow down to both enjoy life and understand life. What an article.

One Checklist:
For Better Presentation

A very comphrensive guide to researching, designing and presenting presentations

One Tool:
For UI mock ups

If you ever had to mock up user interfaces that that need sample profile images, this is a fantastic website

Random thought: Smartlocks vs Locksmiths

So with the recent growth of internet of things (IOT), smartlocks are inevitable. Just last week the $99 Lockitron Bolt was released where users can lock/unlock door to the home with just their mobile phone and no key is needed. I wonder what the impacts are?

  • Would we freakout more then ever if we lose our phone?
  • What does it mean when our phone battery dies?
  • Would locksmiths get more/less business?
  • Would locksmiths need to re-train?
  • Would locksmiths have to be extra careful since locks have become so much more expensive?
  • Would locksmiths have to charge more because they have to spend more time in each job?
  • Would thieves have an easier task? (They just need to take your phone)
  • Maybe thieves like to use windows so it doesn’t really matter?
  • What happens if my Wifi router is having problem? No power, No network…etc?

*Slightly off topic. Our bedroom door had once locked itself and I had to spend $300 hkd (£30 Gbp) to have a guy “fix” it in less than 2 mins with a piece of plastic.
As much as I’m a gadget geek, i don’t think I’ll be braving this gadget for the time being.

5 Cool Things #11 25th Jan 2015

One idea:
A motivational alarm

What if there’s an app that wakes you up every morning and show you a different motivation quote? Rather boring right? Now, what if the only way for you to shut off the alarm is for you to read out loud the motivational quote? Start your day on a good note maybe? Just an idea….

One (Entertaining) Video:
How the Economic Machine Works

With the help of entertaining and simple animations, billionaire Ray Dalio walks us though how economic works

One Article on Social Media:
What teens really think about social media

If you are in online media and marketing, you really should read this, it’s a peak into how teens think about YouTube, Google, Reddit and some other SM platforms

One Tool:
PieSlice: How to slice up your startup’s equity

Very helpful tool for co-founders to decide how to chop up their startup equity one step at a time.

One Article on Sleep:
Sleep Deprivation Is Killing You and Your Career

Most of us already know how inadequate sleep is bad for us, I am definitely guilty of this but it’s still incredibly hard to get enough rest.

Don't forget to remove email address from your Facebook

So here’s a funny story. I view facebook as a public platform, I see as a tool to promote and share things that I like or find interesting. Its also a good place to expand my network. Which is why I would add my work email address onto facebook so people I’ve met can add me on there (likewise with Linkedin)
The issue occurred when i received multiple emails about a password change to my facebook accounts. I thought someone was just trying to hack me, assuming the hacker can’t get into my email accounts, I still wanted to play it save by requesting a password reset to a stronger password. The world was OK again. Until that very evening when there was ANOTHER reset, only this time the person responsible was able to change my password. I panicked, not understanding how that is possible, maybe i need to change all my email passwords, what if it’s via an email attached to a domain I own (taking over my entire domain and subsequent email accounts), what else do they have access to???? I was getting angry and agitated.
Checking the original facebook email, i realise it was from my old workplace, I realise they shouldn’t have access to anything too private, but I thought I would warn my old boss anyway. 24 hours later I realised they actually wanted access to the company’s facebook PAGE. They didn’t realise facebook pages are attached to personal facebook accounts and thought the password reset would just give them access to their company page! Grrrrr, but then I realise it’s not really their fault they didn’t understand facebook’s complicated system. If anything it’s my fault for keeping my old work email on my facebook account even when I have left already purely due to laziness.
Let this be a warning to you to clear out your facebook email accounts on a regular basis! Simply, click on the triangle on the top left, then Settings and “Edit” next to your email.

5 cool things #10 – 18th Jan 2015

One Great offer:
Productivity Bundle Package

Really good value bundle pack for Evernote, Wunderlist, Pocket, and LastPass, seperately it would cost $185, now $60!

One Video:
Growth by Alex Schuitz

Lecture by internet marketing and facebook growth VP guru on startup growth, very intelligent guy

One Article:
Being Mean

A really nice article from Y-Combinator founder Paul Grapham on why mean founders typically do not do as well.

One Insight
Why we procrastinate

It turns out that we see our future selves as strangers. seeing that distance causes many of us to seek immediate satisfaction, often in the form of procrastination.

One App:
Shake – Simply Legal

Very nicely designed app that lets you create, sign and send legally binding contracts and agreements, fantastic UX.

5 cool things 12-01-2014 #9

One Infographic:
The World as 100 People

A very simple put fascinating graphic of the world’s population in terms of gender, race, religion…etc

One Video:
Startup for Designers

Nice presentation from Google Ventures on how designers should approach startups, but not working on the fun parts (company name & logo) first, but instead the riskiest part

One Article:
Your Free Design Work Will End Up In The Trash

We all have limited mental bandwidth and when we are too focus on how to survive on a tight budget, it makes us worse at other things (That’s my excuse anyway)

One Crowdfunding Campaign
Flow – a new way to Interact on a computer

As wonderful as products like Leap motion and Microsoft Kinect sounds, they are actually not particularly helpful in daily computer work, that’s where I think Flow can differ. Techcrunch Video

One WordPress Plugin:
Idea Factory

I’ve been looking for a simple way to share ideas with my close friends, to allow them to vote and comment on my ideas – this is perfect! It will be uploaded to http://chi.wai.li/ideas/

5 cool things 04-01-2014 #8

One Podcast:
Replay All – This website is for sale

If you are an entrepreneur with a website, the chances are you have struggled to think of a good url that is available. This very well made podcast gives interesting insights into the world of domain investment.

One Business App:
Streak – CRM in your inbox

Best CRM platform I’ve used (simple enough), everything is managed within your gmail. it even has a free plan.

One interesting study:
Study finds being broke reduces brain power

We all have limited mental bandwidth and when we are too focus on how to survive on a tight budget, it makes us worse at other things (That’s my excuse anyway)

One Article on consumer psychology:
What I learnt about pricing

How to price your products to steer your user into the best option

One Inspiration for the new year:
How I gained and lost 60 pounds as an Entrepreneur…

Inspiring story of how an entrepreneur regain control of her health (“sleep when I am dead” or “eat right and exercise once I sell my company” is bad)

I spend a lot of time being scared

If I am to be absolutely honest about how I truly feel, I would tell you I am scared. I’ve long known about the Impostor Syndrome, yet I still can’t shake myself from it.
I’m scared because of how little I know
I’m scared I’m not really good enough to do what I’m hired to do
I’m scared this is the best I will ever be
I’m scared because I expect to be so much more at 30 (31 next week)
I’m scared I’m not smart enough to ever learn to make real money or be successful
I’m scared I’ve picked the wrong career path, yet I don’t know what the correct one would be
I’m scared if I am spending enough time working
I’m scared if I am working so much that neither my brain nor my body are working correctly
I’m scared I’m spending too much time working on things I don’t love
I’m scared to try spending time on things that I do love incase it fails
I’m scared I can’t seem to forget my past failures
I’m scared I will have nothing to show for when I’m 40
I’m scared how angry I feel sometimes
I’m scared I can’t earn enough to allow my parents to retire comfortably soon
I’m scared I am wasting my limited capabilities on the wrong tasks
I’m scared I am baring too much to others
I know there is a lot of fear on money and my own expectation of myself, I am battling these feelings as best I know how to, some days are glorious victories whilst others less so, I know I’m not the only one yet that’s how it often feels.

5 Cool things 21-12-2014 #7

One way to make money:
Emoji Masks

Ever seen one of those dead simple ideas that you wish you had thought of? Here’s another one

One Article on UX:
The UX of Mobile Settings

Surprisingly fascinating article on how UX differs of iOS, Android and Windows, if you don’t like to read, scroll to the examples.

One Tool for finding the Right Product Name:
The Name App

Very handy app that lets you search your (potential) product name’s availability as a .com/.net and social media profile handles (fb, twitter, instagram, tumblr)

One Tool to type of iOS devices from your Mac:

Typing too slow on your iOS devices? Try this tool that connects your Mac’s keyboard with your iPhone/iPad

One Way to speak with Brands:

A fantastic idea, A platform that let users send “What ifs” to brands to give them ideas on how to build better product/services

5 cool things 14-12-2014 #6

One fascinated read:

One for the UX folks, on how Chinese Mobile app UI differs from those in the west. I personally feel some should be adapted too.

One thing on Security:
Dark Side of Two Factor Authentication

Should you secure all your important accounts (Gmail, Dropbox, Bank account) with Two-factor verifications, YES! Is there a down side? Maybe

One Stupid Product:
Stamp Your Face

No, this is not an invite to step on my face, it’s dumber than that, you send them a photo of your face and they put it on a rubber stamp… not sure why

One Game for Designers:
Helvetica Vs Arial

Are you a Helvetica lover or hater? Can you even tell the difference between the two?

One Chrome Plugin for Xmas:
Better Spelling and Grammar with this Chrome plugin

If you have ever read any of my writing, you would know how much I desperately need this