Mac Vs PC

My baby that is my 17” macbook pro is being pushed to it’s limit lately. For cost reasons I’m considering switching back to PC.
Previously a PC user, I’m fairly comfortable with using a Mac these days, but i don’t think it’ll take me too long to switch over… decisions decisions

Things I learn whilst building mobile app

Welcome, this blog will be for me to keep a record of what I’m currently learning. Recently it’s writing mobile apps. I know I’m late to the gold rush but this is more about teaching myself new skills and creating something for my own use then anything else.
Tools I’m using

  • Adobe Flash Builder 4.5
  • Adobe Flex SDK
  • Adobe Flash CS5
  • Away3D and Prefab
  • Maya and Blender 3D
  • Adobe Photoshop

I’m slowly getting through each of these tools, learning whatever is needed on the way. I know Maya, Photoshop and Flash reasonably well from previous projects, but the rest is very new to me.

Main Challenges so far

  • Structuring XML file – I used XML files before, but never wrote any myself.
  • Getting Flex to show the XML value I want them to show [FB]
  • Comparing value from one XML list with another [FB]
  • Styling buttons in [FB]
  • Importing Flash files into Flash Builder*
  • Importing 3d models**
  • Gesture controls with AS3
  • Controlling the 3d model (In progress)

*There turn out to be a number of ways, such as flash container or flash components, but i found these rather hard to control, the best way I found was by inserting a SWC file via flash build path and calling the movieclips inside the fx:script
** This took a very long time. Using a number of different methods, i tried importing DAE and OBJ but the textures didn’t show. I ended up using Maya to model and export to blender and again export to Prefab to add texture. Learn via