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Chi Wai Li

Flash and Flex talking

Considering Flash and Flex is closely knitted, why is it so hard for them to talk to one and another. I’ve tried a bunch of different ways to make a flash file show. Settled for SWC and calling by class to begin with, then I realised I couldn’t get it to talk to flex (Problem […]

Mac Vs PC

My baby that is my 17” macbook pro is being pushed to it’s limit lately. For cost reasons I’m considering switching back to PC. Previously a PC user, I’m fairly comfortable with using a Mac these days, but i don’t think it’ll take me too long to switch over… decisions decisions

Things I learn whilst building mobile app

Welcome, this blog will be for me to keep a record of what I’m currently learning. Recently it’s writing mobile apps. I know I’m late to the gold rush but this is more about teaching myself new skills and creating something for my own use then anything else. Tools I’m using Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 […]