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Chi Wai Li

Reminder for creating custom WordPress sidebars

This is one I keep on forgetting and have to Google on numerous occasions, so I’m adding it to my blog as a reminder.  I like to refer to the Sidebar in WordPress blog by Justin Tadlock, it’s old, written in 2010, but as far as I can see it still work. There’s 3 parts to […]

Jonah Lehrer: The Origins of Creative Insight & Why You Need Grit

Author of Imagine Jonah Lehrer share with 99% what it takes to be creative and how grit and hard work is just as important as finding inspiration. He talks of what we should do to find those Ah-Ha moments, how companies can learn from cities and how persistance and love is the only way forward. An inspiring […]

Why I think Google will win

If i have to put my live money between the current tech leaders: Google, Microsoft and Apple. I would definitely put them on Google. As an self proclaimed entrepreneur, I have done a fair amount of reading on businesses and startups and one of the most regularly recited advice is to “Fail early and fail often”. It […]

My thoughts on being a creative & my daily practices

What does it really mean to be a creative, we basically do no real work and spend our time ‘finding inspiration’ by being free travelling, reading, watching movies, going to the theater, partying hard and acting on impulse. Unfortunately I too was tricked by this disillusion! Being a creative actually means a lot of disciplines. Hence my venture into the daily practice.

E-bay vs E-commerce Site which is more suitable

If you would like to set up an online store, should you use eBay or should you set up an standalone e-commerce website? We compare the Pro’s and Con’s for each below. ebay Advantages.  E-bay is well known It is a pre-designed platform, very cheap to start User already understand how it works There are already […]

Amazing and Inspirational Video by Neil Gaiman

This is one of the most inspirational and useful speech I have ever heard. So raw with the insecurity and struggle of a writer yet so strong and powerful with motivation to do what what we do best. I have even set a calendar reminder for myself to re-watch this in 6 months time. I […]

Difference between Chinese and Western websites

A recent project localising an American website for realise in China got us a bit curious. Does the cultural difference between Western and Chinese translate to how websites are designed? The websites covered in this study are: News and Searches: & Online Directory: Yahoo UK & Yahoo China Educational Publishers Pearson & Higher Education […]

Future Trends for TV

3D TV sucks I personally don’t see the point of 3D TV. To me, they are more of a fad than functional tool. First, lets look at the the purpose of a traditional TV: To provide passive entertainment for a number of people, most likely sitting at home during the evening. Most 3D TV sets […]