The innovation of Moleskine

I personally don’t use Moleskine notebooks, mainly because I’m cheap but I have to say I admire their products and branding. It is incredibly how far they have taken a simple notebook?
I saw their new ad for a new range of notebooks and it is incredible, they now have ones for musicians, one for rough sketches that tear off and ones for water colours. All so beautiful and well presented.

They are the perfect example of innovation and truly knowing their market. All they sell are notebooks, but they do such a brilliant job, they are able to charge up to 3x more than most brands, why? Because they know how to make useful products that are marketed perfectly for targeted audience. They are like Starbucks, specially for the creative types, where it’s not really about the coffee, it’s about the lifestyle, the social status.
No  iPhones, iPads and Note taking apps will ever be able to compete with their cool factor, because they know their audience and they know how ideas flow best – from brain on to paper and not on to a screen – at least not yet (their partnership with Evernote is trying to bridge that gap).
I personally like to use the double ring note with from Muji, they check all the boxes for me, dotted pages, hard plastic covers, spiral binding for me to keep a blank ink pen and even a relatively low price. The cheap price allows me to feel much more
Some amazing Moleskine notebooks

My Startup Project:

Several months ago, I had the idea of developing, a website that promotes sports and fitness as well as provide a comprehensive listing of all Sports clubs, Yoga studios, Martial Dojos and Training Gyms available in Hong Kong. I wanted to build this website because I’ve been wanting to work on my own project for sometime now and I do firmly believe it is a genuine solution for individuals looking to be healthier but are struggling to make it happen, my leap of faith presumption is if people find an activity they enjoy, they would actually stick with it.

I love feeling good and hate getting headaches

The title might be true for many people, but how many are willing to do something about it. There’s always too much work, not enough tired, too tired, a good show is on TV, have to waste time on the internet and play that game on my phone. I personally love that feeling of pure bliss after a good training session or a fun game of badminton, I would rather have that then to give my any of the excuse above. I’m hoping others will feel the same way with the help of useful and interesting health related information through the platform.

Will it work?

Frankly, i have no idea if this idea would work or not, but i am going to give it a good shot. First month alone after the soft launch, I had over 500 unique visitors, which I think is a pretty good for zero marketing .

Phase 1: the ugly baby I love

I would openly admit, the current version of is built using a premium wordpress theme as base and was heavily customised to fit my needs. It’s pretty darn ugly, doesn’t exact “sell” and has performance issues, but at least it’s out there, as said many times “Better done than perfect”, this is an MVP to test reaction and I think so far it’s relatively positive, enough to convince me to move forward with it.
Big Thanks to my friend Kenny Li for making me push this out.

What’s next?

I’m currently trying to apply for some funding for the project, with or without funding, I am determined to make it happen.  Moving forward my aims are

  1. Develop high quality contents (Text articles and Infographics)
  2. Expand listing for gyms
  3. Get gyms to sign up for premium plans
  4. Redesign the site (Really want to do this NOW, but content is King, so most work on that first)

What do you think?

So what do you think about so far? I would love to hear your thoughts using the form below.

5 Killer Mac Apps you should be using

I love my MacBook Pro, I think it’s amazing and I really enjoy doing my work with it. When it got rained on a few months ago and smoke started to come out, I even overcame the temptation to ‘upgrade’ to a smaller screen, since they don’t make 17″ MacBook Pros anymore.
Still, I don’t think even the all mighty Apple has made their computers perfectly. Below are 5 apps that are fantastic for increasing my productivity. These are apps that I will immediately install after I’ve reformatted my my machine, they are incredibly handy and can save  a lot of time.
Are there any apps you find incredibly helpful? Tell us in the comment below.

1. aText

Price – $5 USD (Go Get it!)
This is an an absolute gem. If you type a lot, regardless of codes or emails, this tool will come in extremely handy. Very similar to Text Expander which I have previously recommended, aText can be set up very quickly to automatically switch predefined text abbreviations and replace them with the actual text. For example, if I type in “myadd” it will automatically replace it with full address! This tool can also come in very handy for all those hard to remember pieces of information such as officer phone numbers or colour codes for your design.
aText recommends using a semi colon in front of all your keyword stop accidentally triggering aText text substitution, but it’s not a must. You can also setup aText to allow you to enter text in specific locations.

Type (For your ref only) Abbreviation Expands into
Long words ;defo definitely
Phone No. ;tel 555 1234 1234
Address ;myadd 123 High Street
London Town
United Kingdom
Codes ;h1 <h1>[ENTER TEXT HERE]*</h1>
Codes ;ul <ul>
<li>[ENTER TEXT HERE 1]</li>
<li>[ENTER TEXT HERE 2]</li>
<li>[ENTER TEXT HERE 3]</li>
<li>[ENTER TEXT HERE 4]</li>
<li>[ENTER TEXT HERE 5]</li>
Images ;smile [SMILEY FACE HERE]


2. BetterSnapTool

Price – $1.99
Does your screen ever get cluttered with multiple windows all over the place, stacking on top of each other and you find it impossible to find the RIGHT Finder window? Then this is the perfect tool for you. BetterSnapTool allows you to organise your desktop with either keyboard shortcut keys or special hotspots on your desktop. Snapping them to either full screen, half screen or quarts of the screen such as below.

3. Carbon Copy Cloner

Price 39.95 USD – Not cheap, but it’s worth it
Due to a very bad experience I once had, I am slightly obsessed when it comes to backing up my work. I’ve mentioned backing up with Dropbox before for the majority of my work, but there’s only the other remaining 320GBs of  photos and music and raw video footage. For that I like to use should use Carbon Copy Cloner. It let’s you Back up EVERYTHING, let me say that again, Back up EVERYTHING! You can even restore your backup as a bootable backup, this means all the software I once had install will be there along with all my files. In my opinion, that’s a bit better than Apples time machine, which has been known to have issues with starting new backups instead of using your old ones as a continual timeline and delete your old backups when it is running out of space, what if I need those files?

4. Alfred

Free or $27 USD for PowerPack
I’ve talked about this app before. But recently noticed some additional productivity tricks which makes me love it even more. The basic version of Alfred is Free, but it’s well worth the money for the PowerPack. In short, Alfred makes it extremely easy to control your computer with simple keyboard shortcuts, I also feel it work much faster than the standard Mac spotlight. Here are some examples of how I use Alfred.

  • Open Alfred pop up with [cmd+spacebar]
  • Launch any apps from your computer by typing in the name
  • Open files by using the apostrophe [‘] before the file name
  • Use it as a calculator, get your answer from the popup
  • Search through my contacts
  • If i need to search on Google, Wikipedia or Amazon, simply start typing and use the arrow keys to select search
  • Currency convertor, requires additional Alfred extension, typing in without the brackets [Convert 1hkd to gbp]

You can also set up commands to open up a group of apps, for example I know I will need to start testing browsers, with Alfred I can start Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome all at the same time. It’s pretty awesome. More amazing tips can be found on the Alfred Blog and David Freguson’s blog 

5. Dropbox / Google Drive

Price – From Free
Work from multiple computers and need to be able to access your files anywhere? Both Google Drive or Dropbox are fantastic for this. I love being able to access my files anywhere and I’ve lost count of the number of times dropbox has saved my behind from urgent calls from my team or clients. Yes, Apple has its own iCloud thing but it doesn’t seem to be as flexible and easy to use as these 2 alternatives. Since I have already written a blog post on various cloud storage platforms, I won’t go into too much details here. But, If you can’t wait to get started with dropbox, please feel free to use my referral link.

BONUS: Evernote

Price – From Free
Technically Evernote is not an app, or at least it doesn’t has to be one, because there’s a web version, which is why I’ve put this under BONUS.
Keep all your ideas and notes in one easy to search platform and access them anywhere with an internet connection, I have a huge collection of text notes, audio clips (talking to myself), clips bits of webpage for future references and photo notes of photos and documents. Some people call this “Outsourcing your brain to Evernote” because by using Evernote correctly, you don’t have to rely on your brain as much, allowing you to focus on the actual work itself. It just make my research process much smoother, I can even continue writing notes from my laptop to my smartphone, it’s all synced up. If you are interested in trying it out, it’s worth learning how to use Evernote for best result here and here. As part of their DevCup 2013, there is now even a way to use Evernote as a blogging platform, simply write your notes and share – that’s it! blog done!
Here’s a quick link to my Evernote referral code, we’ll both get a month of Evernote Premium for free.
Do you have anything you would like to share with us? Please share with us in the comment box below.

"How to disagree" from co-founder of Y-Combinator, Paul Graham

A very interesting essay I recently read from Y-Combinator co-founding Paul Graham on different types of disagreement and how you may be “attacked”. He details the difference between childish Name Calling “You smell” to Counter Argument “but as this data shows, the end result often behave like this” and Refuting the Central Point “Your case is based on the assumption that green means positive, but as this shows that is not always the case”. Its fascinating to read the in-depth analysis Paul Graham has put into this essay. If you would like to know how a great thinker (and doer)’s mind works, I would highly recommend reading the essays on his site.

Ultimate guide for HK Startups: Office Space

There are a variety of co-working spaces in the Hong Kong area. Perfect for start ups and those seeking to be in an environment that fosters entrepreneurship, co-working spaces are an excellent way to get affordable office space. In addition, co-working spaces provide excellent networking opportunities with other business owners.

X. Coffee Shops & Libraries

Lets get the most obvious option out of the way first, coffee shops and libraries. What better place to be creative then a caffeine filled atmosphere?
Starbucks – No introduction required!
Pacific Coffee – A popular chain of coffee shops in HK
Hong Kong Libraries – free wifi and air conditioning but can be rather crowded

Co-working space

I personally would highly recommend co-working spaces, you can meet a lot of interesting people and separate your home/work life.

1. BootHK

BootHK was Hong Kong’s very first co-working space. There are currently two locations in Sheung Wan and Lai Chi Kok. BootHK caters offers varied environments like hackerspaces, workshops and social meetups geared toward artists, technologists and entrepreneurs. Daily and monthly memberships are available and provide access to Wifi, workspace and various shared facilities.
19/F, 231-233 Queen’s Rd E,
Wan Chai,

2. The Hive

the hive
The Hive is located in the Wan Chai area of Hong Kong and offers four floors of creative work space. Some floors are dedicated to private offices and others have various workstations and hotdesks, kitchen areas, conference rooms, libraries and more. Various membership levels are available to suit individual needs.
21st Floor, The Phoenix Building
No.23 Luard Road, Wan Chai

3. CoCoon

Cocoon, located near Victoria Park, offers 14,000 square feet of eco-friendly co-working space, free Wifi, cafe, conference rooms and more. Cocoon hosts monthly events for sharing ideas and networking. Various membership levels are available with varying fees.
3/F, Citicorp Centre
3 Whitfield Road

4. Fill in the Blank

Fill in the Blank is located in the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong and has a 1,000 square foot facility consisting of work tables and a lounge area. The space has a variety of uses and in addition to being an area for work, it can also be utilized as an event venue. There is a drop in rate as well as hourly rates for event rentals.
13/F, Hang Wai Commercial Bldg
231-233 Queen’s Rd E, Wan Chai

5. The Good Lab

The Good Lab provides 18,000 square feet of co-working and social space for its members. They offer flexible membership including fixed desk packages for startups. Perfect for those inspired to do good via social innovation. Located in Cheung Sha Wan designed to foster collaboration amongst thinkers, makers and doers. The space is an open floor plan to promote a collaborative environment.
500 Tung Chau St,
Cheung Sa Wan
Hong Kong ‎

6. The Crafties

The Crafties offers a creative co-working space for makers and crafters to work on their product and meet with other like-minded fellow entrepreneurs. They offer a varity of machinery and tools to create different physical products. You can showcase your products at The Crafties Campus & The Crafties Souk. Desk space can be rent hourly, daily and monthly
1/F Sing Kui Commercial Building
No. 27 Des Voeux Road West
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

7. Startup Commune

Startup Commune is a collaborative workspace that offers its members accounting services, reception and other business services.
4E, Century Industrial Centre
33 – 35 An Pui Wan Street,
Fo Tan, N.T

8. Dim Sum Labs

Dim Sum Labs is a hackerspace that hosts public meetings (HackJam) on Tuesday evenings where they welcome the public to bring their hacks, ideas, questions and expertise. The space provides general tools, electronic parts, networking gear and PCs.
14/F, 100 Jervois Street
Sheung Wan,

9. Innovation Lab [Added 3rd October 2013]

Innovation Lab is an 8,000 sq ft co-work community & private office space. With 7 private offices and over 1000 sq ft communal reception + meeting + showroom space. We’ve worked with numerous clients to create the best environment, and keep pushing for the highest standards. Check out the Innovation Lab pictures below. If you’d like to know more about what we do and think we could help improve your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out how we can help you.
8/F Cheung Hing Industrial Building,
12P Smithfield Road, Western

10. Wynd, the Co-working Space in LKF

Added on: 30th October 2013
The Wynd co-working space has the advantage of being located at the bustling Lan Kwai Fong area in Central, offering its members easy access to one of the most vibrant social environment for both local and travelling businessmen. Wynd also bride itself in building a strong community of like minded entrepreneurs, innovators, and pioneers alike. Membership starts from $280 hkd a day.
43-55, Wyndham Street
Central District, Hong Kong

11. LAB + Dimension+

Added on: 14th November 2013
A new maker lab based in the industrial area of Kwun Tong, creating physical art and design using a mixture of Digital-Physical
業運工業大廈3樓C座  |

12. Office 8

Added on: 19th November 2013
office8 located in Wyndham Street, Central provides a creative, convenient and affordable work space for small companies, startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers.  Additional services includes company setup, Chinese-English translation, Language lessons, Logo design, website design and email account set-ups
8A Winning Centre, 46-48 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

13. The Loft

Added on: 19th November 2013
Located just 5 minutes from Diamond Hill MTR station,  The Loft offers 8,000 sq ft of co-working space for creative industry professionals to gather and collaborate. The modern space offers a range inspiring work surroundings for new startups and covers basic need such as High speed Wifi, Indoor cafe, event space and an outfoor sun terrance for BBQ. Membership starting from $180 hkd per day or $1,500 per month.
Block A, 4th Floor,
Lee King Industrial Building,
12 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

14. Partner

Added on: 28th January 2014
PARTNER is a new concept of a shared workplace, it is both a cafe and a fully equipped co-working space. Located in Wanchai. The space is found by interior designer Mr. Freddie Ng who enjoyed working under the atmosphere of cafes, yet found it difficult to complete his work without printing and scanning facilities found in traditional offices.  The beautifully lit space is available for hire from as little as $38 HKD per hour per person and comes with free Nespresso Coffee and WIFI.
29/F Cheuk Nang Plaza
250 Hennessy Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong

15. 80/80 Space

Added on: 1st February 2014

A much needed co-working space situated at Kowloon side. The multi-purpose 1,400 sq ft studio is designed for the needs of creatives, business professionals, investors, and technical experts to unite in exploring new opportunities. Conveniently located just a minute’s walk to Ngau Tau Kok MTR station.

Unit 2913, 29/F,
1 Hung To Road,
Ngau Tau Kok, Hong Kong

16. Paperclip HK

Added on: 4th February 2014

The entrepreneur focus workspace located in Sheung Wan is fully equipped for all your startup business’ needs. With 5,000 sq ft of newly decorated workspace, it has an assortment of services that can help you along in your journey to entrepreneurship from business administration, infrastructure and marketing support to a lot of coffee.

3/F, Nam Wo Hong Building
148 Wing Lok Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

17. GoodLab (Prince Edward)

Added 22nd March 2014
The second branch to the very popular GoodLab, co-working space for the social-entrepreneurs. Although this space is not nearly as big as the original branch, it carries the same warmth and comfort.
5/F, Le Prabelle Hotel,
372 Portland Street,
Mong Kok, Kowloon,

18. Platform

Added 22nd March 2014
1-3/F 120 Connaught Road West,
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

19. Garage Society

Added 29th March 2014
The cleverly named co-working workspace Garage Society give nods to the root of startups such as Google and Apple, who were both found in Garages. It is one of the biggest workspace we have seen, at over 8,000 square foot is located at heart of HK – Central. Package ranges from $2,000 HKD for hot desking to $10,000 dedicated offices. Headed by The Hive’s former director Elaine Tsung it is bound to be one of the attract some interesting startups.
9F, 33 Des Voeux Road Central,
Hong Kong, Hong Kong 

Government backed incubation programmes

In addition to co-working spaces, HK government also offering variety of incubator programmes, often with their own free or low cost working spaces.

A. HK Science Park

science park
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTPC) provides incubation services for technology startups in the web, mobile and biotechnology industries. Their services include office space, general business support, marketing assistance and financial aid packages.

B. Cyperport

Cyberport is an incubation program geared toward ICT startups. Their services include facilities and resources, business development, entrepreneurship training and financial assistance.

C. Innocenter

The Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) offers startup companies in creative and design fields, HKDC offers an incubation program to assist design entrepreneurs. The incubation program receives funding support from the Hong Kong SAR Government and is a two year program that provides office space, business development and networking opportunities.

Just get started

Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or a fast-growing business, co-working spaces can provide a monetized approach to running your business so you can reduce operating costs and stay focused on building your business.

An over simplified web developer's guide to hacking through InDesign

First of all, please know I am an absolute beginner when it comes to Adobe InDesign, the following notes are various similarities I’ve noticed between HTML/CSS & InDesign whilst learning to put together my first book.  This is by no means a step by step walk through either, for that I would highly recommend this article. There is also a very good chance I could be wrong in any number of ways. If you spot any mistakes, I would extremely appreciate it if you could leave a comment below.

The Notes

As far as I am aware, there’s no code based interface to InDesign. Instead to manipulate elements, you will have to rely on the  paragraph or character style panels under the WINDOW menu button.
To apply a style to a text object, first select the text box, then simply click on a paragraph style. That’s like adding a CSS class to the text. Class or ID is similar to Paragraph Styles, once that’s been applied any changes you make to that paragraph style (by right click – Edit Style) will be applied through out to other objects.
Inline styling is  similar to selecting text and making edits. If the style exists in more than one place, try not to do this. Like CSS inline styling, mixing content HTML code with styling CSS code is often frown upon. The table below shows a few common attributes for CSS, and what they are known as in InDesign (why can’t they all use the same terminologies is beyond me!)

CSS InDesign equivalent
Padding-Left Indent and Spacing/Left-Indent
Padding-Right Indent and Spacing/Right-Indent
Margin-Top Indent and Spacing/Space Before
Margin-Bottom Indent and Spacing/Space After
Line Height Leading
Letter Spacing Tracking

Here’s a much more extensive list of parameters for indesign and a handy cheat sheet from 99Designs

3 tricks that saved my productivity sanity

One of the biggest pain with working in digital media is how easy it is to get distracted. Since I am always ‘connected’ it’s not always easy to remain focused. I’ve been testing with a few new approaches lately and these 3 are working pretty well.

1. Set up E-mail filters

15th June 2013 Update: GMail’s new tabbed layout seems to more or less function the same way as how I recommend setting up filters, their solution is a lot more elegant, so I suggest you try it out. Check out this handy article at
I am literally subscribed to tens of newsletters, some to do with my job and others on areas of interests and it was getting incredibly distracting. I’ve since unsubscribed myself from a good chuck but there are still far too many for my liking. Whenever I see that number pop up next to the gmail tab, it’s impossible for me to resist checking it, just in case it’s an emergency with something I have to fix. Then there are the emails with an incredibly interesting subject lines that I just have to read there and then.
It was just too much, so I’ve started using Gmail filters. ALL the “essential” newsletters now skips the inbox and are stored  inside a News folder that I only check when I am on a break. It’s been fantastic!
Here’s a wonderful post on on Mashable on using GMail Filters

2. Keep a to do list but keep it simple!

Don’t waste your energy in trying to keep a todo list in your head, write it down, either on paper or use my fav project management app – Trello. but make sure you keep your tasks list short. Anything
Make sure you don’t over do your to do list. If  something is more than 3 months old, than it cannot be important – so JUST DELETE IT or create a back burner list  elsewhere, such as on Evernote. The aim is to keep your list short so you can scan all the items and more importantly to make sure you don’t ever feel overwhelmed by the list and end up doing nothing.

3. Limit the time you spend on social media

Control the time you spend on social media and ONLY allow your self a limited time slot. I only allow myself to go on Facebook and Twitter between on the hour and 5 mins past the hour (9am – 9:05am, 10am – 10:05am, 11am – 11:05am…etc) and If I miss the slot, tough! I will have to wait til the next slot.
I do admit I have a very bad habit of going on to facebook or twitter when I have a lot of work to do. It’s a bit like, if I don’t start the problem it doesn’t exist. This method helps me keep my social media addiction under control. There’s even an asap science video on this very unhelpful habit.

Other methods

I have flirt around with other techniques such the pomodoro technique which separate your tasks into 25mins slots. It can work wonders for some tasks, but other times it’s not particularly helpful when you get in “the zone”.
Do you have any productivity tips? Please share with us using the comment box below.

Design good presentations NOT powerpoint slides

A presentation can exist beautifully without powerpoint slides, so please stop making mind numbingly boring slides with 20 power points in each slides. I’ve been looking into the art of presentations and it is such a fascinating art form. I’ve long been a huge fan of TED talks It’s amazing how a good presenter can engage and connect with the audience with their spoken words. I love reading and I enjoy writing (somewhat poorly I admit), but there is something about hearing a great talks and speeches with their intended emotional and intensity from the creator.
I think great presentations are about telling interesting stories can capture your mind, taking you down a path of discovery with just the right balance of substance and humour infused within.
For a recent projects, I was asked to design slides for a rather serious subject, it would have been so easy to add slides after slides of information with endless bullet points, but after being inspired by all those great talks, I wanted to design a simple yet powerful presentation. The process was more of struggle than I imagined but I am proud of the result, even if it mean a 12 hours battle til 3am in the morning.
How to Suck less at powerpoints


The tool

Although I believe it’s not the tools or technology that we pick which decide on the quality of the presentation, often picking the right tool can still make  difference. For this project I used the bog standard software Microsoft Powerpoint, but here are some other cool alternatives for you to consider:


The very exciting CrazyEgg for understanding your website

I’ve known about the in-page analytics and visualisation tool CrazyEgg for a fair sometime now, but it wasn’t until very recently did I realise just how interesting and useful it can be!
It all started when AppSumo offered a FREE lifetime use of CrazyEgg for any one web page. Being extremely cheap and curious I  decide to give it a go, I wasn’t even sure where I would use it to begin with. I ended up installing it on the front page of this very website and after just a few days I was like WOW! All along I thought Google Analytics was all I need to understand what works on my site and boy was I wrong! Google GA is a fantastic tool in itself, allowing me to see if people are coming to my site and what they like to read (WordPress Calendar & Trello). What I didn’t really realise was exactly HOW visitors were using my page. Where they like to click and what they try to click on!
One great example was I originally had my name “Chi Wai Li” highlighted on the home page and it turns out people were clicking on it thinking it’s a link. I’ve since change that to save the confusion but I’m very curious what they would think it would link to? Perhaps my bio or even my twitter? But isn’t that what the top nav and icons to the top right are for? As a website designer, it’s really fascinating to see how users interact with my websites.
It also got me thinking about how I should structure my site. Originally I created this was website as my portfolio, to help me find a full time or freelance work. Since I don’t really need to do that anymore, I’ve made some minor updates to shift the focus into my writing. With over 1000 unique visitors a month I’m pretty proud on this site and hopefully with the help of CrazyEgg I can do a even better job. I am actually rather excited with seeing this data!
It really goes without say that I am very strongly recommending CrazyEgg, it really is a fantastic tool to help you optimisation user experience for your website.
Scrollmap for

Appointments and Meetings management with WordPress

After my previous post on WordPress Booking Systems I am once again on the look out for a suitable plugin to help me manage appointments and meeting’s for a client.
The WP Booking Calendar plugins I reviewed before was very good at the job but not wanting to settle for what I already know, I went hunting for something more comprehensive. And that’s when I came across WPMU’s Appointments plugin, now it’s NOT FREE. But it is pretty powerful and flexible, aside from the usual ability to allow clients to make bookings and pay, two key function I just love is its ability to sync with Google Calendar and send user email reminders! How cool is that? So in a way it’s more than just a appointment management system but also a personal assistant which I think it’s pretty darn cool.

WPMU Appointmentswpmu-appointment-booking2

Another plugin I looked at is the JS-Appointment Calendar (No longer available) from CodeCanon, again it’s paid at $25 USD at the time of writing, so not the cheapest but it does look like it could be perfect. However, since I already have membership with WPMU, I will test out WPMU’s Appointments first. But good one to check if you are interested.
Let me know if you have any questions on any of these appointments and meetings WordPress plugins. Better yet, if you know of similar tools I should look into, please comment below!
*In case anyone is wondering what that image I used for my featured image is, it’s actually an cropped area of an traditional Chinese daily calendar.