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Design good presentations NOT powerpoint slides

A presentation can exist beautifully without powerpoint slides, so please stop making mind numbingly boring slides with 20 power points in each slides. I’ve been looking into the art of presentations and it is such a fascinating art form. I’ve long been a huge fan of TED talks It’s amazing how a good presenter can engage and connect with the audience with their spoken words. I love reading and I enjoy writing (somewhat poorly I admit), but there is something about hearing a great talks and speeches with their intended emotional and intensity from the creator.
I think great presentations are about telling interesting stories can capture your mind, taking you down a path of discovery with just the right balance of substance and humour infused within.
For a recent projects, I was asked to design slides for a rather serious subject, it would have been so easy to add slides after slides of information with endless bullet points, but after being inspired by all those great talks, I wanted to design a simple yet powerful presentation. The process was more of struggle than I imagined but I am proud of the result, even if it mean a 12 hours battle til 3am in the morning.
How to Suck less at powerpoints


The tool

Although I believe it’s not the tools or technology that we pick which decide on the quality of the presentation, often picking the right tool can still make  difference. For this project I used the bog standard software Microsoft Powerpoint, but here are some other cool alternatives for you to consider: