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Chi Wai Li

Weekly top 5 #42 – The right adventure, language and Scissors

Someone I really respected asked what I was hoping to create for myself professionally? Where do I want to be in 3, 5 or 10 years time? The frightening thing was, I didn’t have an answer… and I still don’t, but it is something I have been working on and it’s slowly taking shape. Have you […]

Weekly top 5 #40 – Rules, Hospitals and Habits

Hello, How’s it going? So my new journey has officially began last Monday as I start my first contract role in UK at an consultant agency. The role is a bit more UI and a bit less UX then I imagined but it’s still pretty darn cool. One Trick Shorthand for UI flow From the […]

Weekly top 5 #35 – Our brain, training it and understanding it

One Article: Train your brain to get what you really want “Never ask advice of someone with whom you wouldn’t want to trade places.” That’s only one example of insightful article on how our brain really works and how to make things happen. One Video Five Principles of Persuasive Product Design An informative talk by Nathalie Nahai, web psychologist […]

Weekly top 5 #29 – Beats, Scams and Productive people

One Meeting The Lean Coffee Approach  If you zone out of boring meetings as much as me, you will appreciate this simple and innovative approach to meetings One Article Busy Vs. Productive Can you tell the difference between someone who is productive vs busy? Are you sure you are being productive? It’s some darn easy to […]

Design good presentations NOT powerpoint slides

A presentation can exist beautifully without powerpoint slides, so please stop making mind numbingly boring slides with 20 power points in each slides. I’ve been looking into the art of presentations and it is such a fascinating art form. I’ve long been a huge fan of TED talks It’s amazing how a good presenter can […]