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#66 – Anxiety, Hong Kong and Fake News



One Product: Modular kids bike

Infento is a modular lego like kits for making an assortment of bikes, scooters and tricycle for various ages. I love the idea it is something that can change and adapt with a child. Space is so limited in HK and this provides one type of solution. I also imagine it can provide a lot of bonding opportunities too. This is as much of a toy for kids as it is for adults.

One Plugin: RealDonaldContext

I’m glad there is now so much attention on fake news and click-bait sites. Some companies and individuals will happily cheat and lie to attract an audience, unfortunately, it works because most people don’t fact check! This awesome plugin from the Washington PostFix team is fantastic for seeing when Trump is making stuff up.

One article: How to Keep Going

When times get tough and it will, we all need reminders. “Giving up completely isn’t a real option. Shutting down is just delaying the inevitable. Feeling helpless is valid, until you need to get your s*** together again… ” –Adam J. Kurtz

One Question: What if money was no object

I love Zen pencils comics, this one was no exception. I just wish I could agree with it. I wish life was so simple and direct, that we are free to pursue our dreams without having to worry about our responsibilities at every single turn.

One Video: Hong Kong Hyperlapse

An absolutely stunning Hyperlapse video of Hong Kong from BBC One’s Planet Earth tv show. The amazing level of details and awesome transitions is almost hypnotising. Hong Kong definitely has its problems but it is still a stunner.

My Week Month

I can’t even remember how many weeks it has been since I sent my last newsletter. The past several weeks has been some of the most frustrating time I have experienced, between shingles, tight project deadlines and getting ready to be a Dad my anxiety has been pretty hard. I’m not remotely sleeping enough and I’ve been getting incredibly forgetful. The hustle is absolutely real and not an easy game to balance.
[The Good] I managed to survive on 9.5 hours of sleep over 5 days…
[The Bad] I’m still incredibly tired even after sleeping 22+ hours over the weekend. It’s like my body is failing me
[The Bad] I have never been as out of shape as I am now, yet I’m struggling to find the time to do otherwise