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Chi Wai Li

#66 – Anxiety, Hong Kong and Fake News

  One Product: Modular kids bike Infento is a modular lego like kits for making an assortment of bikes, scooters and tricycle for various ages. I love the idea it is something that can change and adapt with a child. Space is so limited in HK and this provides one type of solution. I also imagine […]

#60 – Friends, Prioritisation and Hacking your old cameras

  One Question: Do your friends like you “Show me your friends and I will show you who you are.” How many “close friends” do you have? It’s definitely about the quality over quantity here, and the shocking thing is not having enough could mean you die younger #SeriousStuff One App: One Big Thing I […]

Weekly Top 5 #57 – Conversations, Coding and 56 years of TV

One Video: How to have better conversation How good are you at conversations? Are you distracted or are you really paying attention? Are you listening to the other person or listening just enough so you reply with something witty? NPR radio host Celeste Headlee has some fantastic points we should be paying attention to make us […]

Weekly Top 5 #51 – defensive judgements, Axe Design and First Impressions

One Video: La maison en petits cubes (The House of Small Cubes) A sad but so incredibly a beautifully story about an old man ‘diving’ into his old house and past to see all the beauties in his life. One Danger: Ideacide We are probably our own worse critic. It’s not really our fault, we […]

Weekly Top 5 #50 – Writing Well, Fixing Routers and What Does Old Look Like?

One Awesome Library: On Writing Well Want to do something well and don’t know where to start, copy the masters. This is a wonderful and comprehensive collection of effective email copies from some of the best marketing companies. One Tool: Online Markdown Editor If you haven’t heard of Markdown, then maybe it’s time to pay attention, it’s […]

Weekly Top 5 #48 – Confidence, Travel Hack and Yoga

One Question: What would you do if you were confident? Thanks Danny for recommending the book The Confidence Gap by Russ Harris to me. Just the question above alone is worth every penny. How different would your life be if you were confident? What would you do differently? One T-shirt: For travellers “A picture is worth a […]

Weekly Top 5 #47 – My failure, 5 years and Clever Dumb

One Failure: Me with this newsletter Some might have notice I’ve actually not been sending these newsletters out weekly. I have no excuse for this, I just haven’t been disciplined enough lately and I’m not proud but I have own it. I’ve started a new routine which I hope would help. One Product: It’s clever and […]

Weekly Top 5 #46 – Important Play, Flexbox Game and Kneeing Chair

One Product: A Desk and Kneeing Chair Sitting straight has probably been one of my biggest daily struggles. I would normally sit up straight first thing in the morning but as the day progress I would just slouch more and more. This seems to be a pretty darn good solution (I’ve tried standing desks but would […]

Weekly Top 5 #43 – Tetris, Stickers and 2016 Predictions

One Article Tetris vs Chess “In life, no one tells you when you’ve won.” I absolutely love this article, the author talked about how most people is approaching life like a game of chess, seeing enemies where there aren’t any, instead he suggest it’s actually a bit more like Tetris. One Shock The dangers of stickers chart […]

Weekly top 5 #41 – Fighting, User Psychology & Water

Happy year of the Monkey everyone, Hope everyone had a good week, the past week has been very positive, my contract role has been going well, I’m really enjoying working on my current projects, the role is rather suited to my abilities and what I don’t know I’ve been given space to learn. The people […]