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#65 – Cognitive Bias, Survival and Read it later


One Infographic: Cognitive Bias

What an awesome, informative and beautifully designed infographic on cognitive bias. I want this on my studio wall. You can read much much more on the Coach.Me blog

One Studio: Differently

I love this French studio’s style so much. the fluidity and simplicity being able to see the essence of an object and so beautifully craft it out so smoothly. I would love to learn this.

One App: Instapaper

I was originally a pocket user, but has taken an another look at Instapaper after Pinterest bought out, The UI isn’t as slick and modern as Pocket, but I like the ability to sync with Kindle and the progress preview on the listing view is pretty useful too.

One Dilemma: Survival vs Investment

I believer in the importance of learning and improving one self, but lately I have had to put that on hold, it is currently about survival. I no longer have the luxury of 7 hours of sleep nor keep up with learning and exercising. Its now about doing as much work as I can in and out of the office to earn enough. I can’t go in to the details right now, but I fear this will go on for sometime, what hurts most is I know this is really bad but I’m kinda stuck.

One Quote: “I am learning everyday to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be”

For me, this quote actually revealed a lot about fear. It’s about knowing I’m not where I want to be but that is ok because I am getting there, it might be slow but it’s positive progress.

My Week

The past 2 weeks is really frustrating, mostly because I’ve got shingles. It meant I had to cancel plans for both weekend to make sure I didn’t infect others if they haven’t had chicken pox already. The drugs meant I’ve been pretty drowsy, it’s get so bad I sometime have difficulties comprehending causal conversations. Which obviously meant work has been incredibly difficult, that plus freelance work and little sleep is not a productive combo.
[The Good] Despite everything, I’ve came up with at least 3 good solutions this week that I am proud of:

  • One UI design work
  • Getting WordPress to do what I want
  • One huge UX piece

[The Bad] The lack of rest and being in survival mode is really effecting my mood