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#65 – Cognitive Bias, Survival and Read it later


One Infographic: Cognitive Bias

What an awesome, informative and beautifully designed infographic on cognitive bias. I want this on my studio wall. You can read much much more on the Coach.Me blog

One Studio: Differently

I love this French studio’s style so much. the fluidity and simplicity being able to see the essence of an object and so beautifully craft it out so smoothly. I would love to learn this.

One App: Instapaper

I was originally a pocket user, but has taken an another look at Instapaper after Pinterest bought out, The UI isn’t as slick and modern as Pocket, but I like the ability to sync with Kindle and the progress preview on the listing view is pretty useful too.

One Dilemma: Survival vs Investment

I believer in the importance of learning and improving one self, but lately I have had to put that on hold, it is currently about survival. I no longer have the luxury of 7 hours of sleep nor keep up with learning and exercising. Its now about doing as much work as I can in and out of the office to earn enough. I can’t go in to the details right now, but I fear this will go on for sometime, what hurts most is I know this is really bad but I’m kinda stuck.

One Quote: “I am learning everyday to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be”

For me, this quote actually revealed a lot about fear. It’s about knowing I’m not where I want to be but that is ok because I am getting there, it might be slow but it’s positive progress.

My Week

The past 2 weeks is really frustrating, mostly because I’ve got shingles. It meant I had to cancel plans for both weekend to make sure I didn’t infect others if they haven’t had chicken pox already. The drugs meant I’ve been pretty drowsy, it’s get so bad I sometime have difficulties comprehending causal conversations. Which obviously meant work has been incredibly difficult, that plus freelance work and little sleep is not a productive combo.
[The Good] Despite everything, I’ve came up with at least 3 good solutions this week that I am proud of:

  • One UI design work
  • Getting WordPress to do what I want
  • One huge UX piece

[The Bad] The lack of rest and being in survival mode is really effecting my mood

Blog Newsletters

#62 – Get a Life, Legos mutated and Problem Solving



One message: Stop Touting Your Crazy Hours

Stop touting, lead by example, you are making your team feel bad and forcing yourself to pretend to be productive is different than actually being productive, so stop it!

One kickstarter campaign: Edo – Giant cardboard Legos

Like legos but huge and made with cardboard boxes, cheap and perfect for kids to build castles. BONUS: Bouncy, flexible Legos: Flexo

One Simple Innovative: Thinking outside the box

My conclusion either delivery people cares more about TV than bikes, or just have more faith in the sturdiness of bikes? Absolute genius!

One infographic: Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Therapy

Our Brains are complicated but not impossible to understand some of the very basic concepts, it also explains why we do what we do.

One set of toys, army man yoga

I remember playing with little green soldiers as kid, talk about peace over war. I want a set.

My Week

Very busy this week, so posts are much shorter than usual. Hope you don’t mind, maybe you actually like this format better? Let me know


5 cool things 12-01-2014 #9

One Infographic:
The World as 100 People

A very simple put fascinating graphic of the world’s population in terms of gender, race, religion…etc

One Video:
Startup for Designers

Nice presentation from Google Ventures on how designers should approach startups, but not working on the fun parts (company name & logo) first, but instead the riskiest part

One Article:
Your Free Design Work Will End Up In The Trash

We all have limited mental bandwidth and when we are too focus on how to survive on a tight budget, it makes us worse at other things (That’s my excuse anyway)

One Crowdfunding Campaign
Flow – a new way to Interact on a computer

As wonderful as products like Leap motion and Microsoft Kinect sounds, they are actually not particularly helpful in daily computer work, that’s where I think Flow can differ. Techcrunch Video

One WordPress Plugin:
Idea Factory

I’ve been looking for a simple way to share ideas with my close friends, to allow them to vote and comment on my ideas – this is perfect! It will be uploaded to