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Stuff around developing small software businesses

Questions worth considering

  • Building something cool and building something profitable is two different thing, finding the middle ground is certainly great, but not easy
  • Something new to the market might sound fun and promising, but you would have less point of reference, it’s also important to consider WHY? Is it too hard? But we have a killer idea to solve it?
  • Equally, doing something that’s already done might bring more competition, but it’s at least known to be worth the effort
  • The best product without a good marketing plan is going to not end well
  • What is the best path to validation? – Spending time and money is expensive, what is the best test? (People paying pre-sale is always the best type)
  • Solving your own problem is always a good start, but be aware we will get bias sooner or later, out experience might not be the same as others, and we might have subconscious preferences to an idea – DON’T fall in love with the solution, focus on the problem you are trying to solve.

AI generation tool

Do bear in mind just because something can be done with AI quickly, it doesn’t mean it’s the right tool

  • Datanumen – AI story generator – Make long story with just a few words, its in our nature to enjoy stories, whether it’s movies, k-dramas, books, computer games, or cartoons, they are all stories,
  • – Design and write your slides for you
  • – Everything graphic related tool, great for social media
  • – Video editing with AI (HKer founder, recently moved to uk)
  • Soooo many more, if you have an idea best to check on

People that talk about Entrepreneurship

  • Noah Kagan – Podcast, youTube videos, lots of interesting things, it’s not just about online product for him though.
  • Marc Lou – 20 startups in 2 years, so many experiments and learning from him, has youtube channel, I’m currently using his boilerplate
  • – serial tech found, you can read about it here (I’m currently reading his book

Latest products + trends

These are websites that can be useful to look for trends and inspiration, maybe tool X is used for restaurants but it inspires you to use it for photographers.

Building a prototype

The first version of your product should look ugly and be incomplete! This hurts me as a designer to say, but don’t waste time, go validate!

You can be scrappy in a number of ways:


  • 建立一啲酷炫嘅嘢同建立利潤豐厚嘅嘢係兩回事,尋找中間地帶當然好,但唔容易
  • 市場上嘅新嘢聽落去可能好玩同有前途,但你會有較少參考點,同樣重要嘅係要考慮為什麼?難度高?但我哋有一個絕殺嘅主意去解決佢?
  • 同樣地,做已經做過嘅嘢可能會引來更多競爭,但至少知道值得努力
  • 最好嘅產品冇好嘅營銷計劃就會完蛋
  • 什麼係驗證嘅最佳途徑? – 花時間同金錢都係昂貴嘅,最好嘅測試係什麼?(人哋預先付款總係最佳嘅類型)
  • 解決你自己嘅問題總係一個好嘅開始,但要注意我哋遲早會有偏見,我哋嘅經驗可能同其他人唔一樣,我哋可能對一個主意有潛意識嘅偏好 – 唔好愛上解決方案,專注於你想解決嘅問題。

AI 生成工具

請記住,只因為某件嘢可以用 AI 快速完成,並唔代表佢係正確嘅工具

  • Datanumen – AI story generator – 用幾個字造長故事,我哋喜歡故事嘅本能,無論係電影、韓劇、書、電腦遊戲或卡通,都係故事,
  • – 幫你設計同寫你嘅幻燈片
  • – 所有與圖形相關嘅工具,非常適合社交媒體
  • – 用 AI 做影片編輯(香港創辦人,最近移居英國)


最新產品 + 趨勢