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#64 – F**ks, Money and Happiness


One Cartoon: Average Manager vs Great Manager

So simple yet wonderfully illustration on what a great manager does, I’m fortunate enough to seen a few in my career. I’m not saying it’s an easy job at all, I just think it’s really important to know the difference.

Creating a Happy Office

People matters, especially relationships between your staff, being willing to listen to your team and actually care about them makes such a huge difference. I was fortunate enough to see what happens in a business when you put the people first and the result is incredible! Thanks Business 3.0 for opening my eyes.

One Podcast: Why are we still using Money?

Bad people like cash, it facilitates crime, bribery, and tax evasion… etc. So with all the technology available why haven’t we gone fully digital cash yet? I love Freakonomics podcasts, and this was is especially cool.

One article: F**k You Startup

Anyone who has remotely been in contact with the startup world will be laughing out loud when they read this. So funny, yet full of truth “You should celebrate any day that you don’t have to sell off another part of your company.

One App: Airtable

I’ve only just started playing with this app, so can’t say I have a lot of experience yet, but it’s basically a really smart and well laid out spreadsheet app. My main problem is I don’t have a need yet, look forward to trying it out.

My Week

I’ve had some really positive feedback since the last email, thank you so much everyone. The last 2 weeks has been a little hectic, have picked up a few freelance gigs and its keeping me pretty busy, but I think I am getting better at finding the moment to chill a little more.
[The Good] The Walking Dead is back!
[The Good] I’m enjoying getting creative with my 22 push ups, check out this video 🙂 Was regretting when I got to 3, so chuffed pretty surprised I managed to do all 22
[The Bad] Down with another man-flu. Useful Fact: Zinc is great for fighting and defending against cold