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Weekly Top 5 #67 – Reality, I told you so and Reflexology


One Product: Everlasting Paper

Have you heard of the notebook that you can MICROWAVE to erase and start fresh? Well, this is an even cooler product from the same folks, simply wipe everything off with wet wipes and you have a fresh notebook. Pretty clever stuff, currently on Kickstarter with just 12 days to go!

One Question: Is what we see reality?

Do we really see what’s real? Thinking in terms of evolution, every part of us is about survival, we are biologically developed to avoid danger and live as long as possible. Is it better for our brains to interpret what we see as what it is with every single tiny detail, or just as a simple signal for “danger, run”? A fascinating read!

One Article: Beginners Guide to Chinese fonts

I confess, although I’m fluent in Cantonese and can read Chinese pretty well, I actually know very little about designing with Chinese fonts, this was a really helpful article for an upcoming project of mine. JustFont and early access Google Webfont looks rather interesting too (Thanks, Judy and Anthony) will start testing soon.

One Podcast: Avoiding “I told you so”

This episode from the Developer Tea podcast is for anyone who needs to work in a team. We all hate to be told we are wrong, we instinctively get defensive and start fighting once we feel like we are being attacked. That is exactly why telling your teammates “I told you so” is so counterproductive, if you want to do what’s best for the long run instead of rubbing one’s ego, listen to this short podcast!

One Proof: Reflexology freaking works

Last week I had the worse case of food poisoning ever! It lasted over 3 days and the medicine was not helping at all, I was constantly in crippling pain with very very little energy. Just our of consequence I was massaging the bottom of my sole because my feet were aching, what surprised me is that it actually eased the pain A LOT! I later discovered the sore part of my feet represented my digestive system and the massage was helping my body recover. I can’t say I understand the reasoning, but it freaking worked!*
*I may be biased since I did create an app about acupressure a while ago, but all of the above is absolutely true!

My Week

The past week has been between heaven and hell for me, Christmas, boxing day and the majority of my birthday (27/12) was really nice, seeing friends and families, enjoying a lot of food. Then I got really ill with a nasty case of food poisoning, not exactly the way I planned to start my 33rd year on this earth. I was barely able to function and extremely weak, finally starting to feel better today
[The Good] I think I might have actually caught up with my sleep 🙂
[The Bad] Was out of action due to food poisoning, the backlog of work is crazy
[The Goal] I HAVE to look after myself better, being ill is not only bad for me, it can also be dangerous for those around me and really bad for my productivity