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Chi Wai Li

Weekly top 5 #69 – The last newsletter for now (With a lot of interesting links)

    As much as I enjoy writing these email newsletters to, as helpful as it as been as an exercise in processing and write down my thinkings, curating content and journals my weeks. There is something now much more important for me to focus my energy on, my daughter. This little “angel/monster” is now my everything, […]

#65 – Cognitive Bias, Survival and Read it later

  One Infographic: Cognitive Bias What an awesome, informative and beautifully designed infographic on cognitive bias. I want this on my studio wall. You can read much much more on the Coach.Me blog One Studio: Differently I love this French studio’s style so much. the fluidity and simplicity being able to see the essence of […]

#63 – Bartender Theory, Umbrella design and 5 Hour Rule

  The Bartender Theory Not sure if this is funny or a fantastic creativity exercise. Throw in any word with “theory” and make up a business strategy or management policy around it. “The Hulk Theory” anyone? How To Take Restful Breaks I am annoying bad at taking proper breaks, specially recently with a lot of personal issues […]

Weekly top 5 #26 – Brain after 25 plus Do's and Don'ts on Social Media

Hi all, How was your week? I’m not sure if it’s related to the full moon or the heat, but it has been a rather tough week for me emotionally, between feeling lost and frustrated sleep haven’t been easy…fingers crossed on a better week — One Guide Canva – Design made easy As a designer, […]