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5 cool things 04-01-2014 #8

One Podcast:
Replay All – This website is for sale

If you are an entrepreneur with a website, the chances are you have struggled to think of a good url that is available. This very well made podcast gives interesting insights into the world of domain investment.

One Business App:
Streak – CRM in your inbox

Best CRM platform I’ve used (simple enough), everything is managed within your gmail. it even has a free plan.

One interesting study:
Study finds being broke reduces brain power

We all have limited mental bandwidth and when we are too focus on how to survive on a tight budget, it makes us worse at other things (That’s my excuse anyway)

One Article on consumer psychology:
What I learnt about pricing

How to price your products to steer your user into the best option

One Inspiration for the new year:
How I gained and lost 60 pounds as an Entrepreneur…

Inspiring story of how an entrepreneur regain control of her health (“sleep when I am dead” or “eat right and exercise once I sell my company” is bad)