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Weekly top 5 #32 – Burning out and 5 mins to bad ideas

One Quote:
“There are two things in this world that take no skill: 1. Spending other people’s money and 2. Dismissing an idea.”

Next time you hear an idea you don’t like the sound of, why not spend just a few more minutes on it before deciding if it is really bad.

One Set of Visuals
On Machine learning

A beautiful and informative demonstration to what is machine learning, really amazingly designed

One big list
20 podcasts eposides for entrepreneurs

I really enjoy podcasts, I listen to anything from movie news to startup interviews, this is a fantastic list of podcast episodes for startup folks, just put it on during your commute.

One Article
Steal My App, I Dare You

A pretty amazing story for how one entrepreneur is approaching his own app ideas and helping them grow… by giving it away. Very much worth a read.

One Cool Product
A screen for the back of your screen

I absolutely love this idea. A phone case with an e-ink display, so you can check your phone without switching it on. Brilliant idea. One down side is that it’s iPhone only 🙁

Progress this week

[Good] Had great fun dancing at a good friends wedding party, it’s good to move again
[Good] Getting really comfortable with MongoDB and Terminal, something I thought was impossible
[Bad] Heart palpitations, general tiredness and gaining bad weight (makes me very grumpy)

Blog Newsletters

Weekly top 5 #24, Lying, Unicorns and Mistakes – 18/5/2015

One Quote
On Passion and doing yourself a favour

Francis Ford Coppola said something like, “the best favour you can do for yourself is only work on things that you believe in, because then you’re not lying. You’re telling the truth. And if you’re telling the truth, then it looks like you’re telling the truth.” So, that’s the favor I give myself. I choose to represent products that I actually believe in. Then I don’t have to act.
Found via:

One Tool:

Ever wish you had more than one number or email account to give out? This service allows you to have “multiple disposable phone numbers and email aliases on a single device, managed with the tap of a button.” Unfortunately, it’s US & Canada only for now

One Article:
Dinosaurs Vs Unicorns

From the notorious straight talker and 500 Startups founder Dav McCure, a look at how dinosaur businesses will have to innovate to survive against the new wave of agile limitless unicorn like startups

One App
For prototyping: Invision

We’ve been using this nifty app for showing interactive prototypes to clients and although I still find it a bit slow it is growing on me, it integrates well with Sketch and photoshop, i’m also interested in trying out it’s competitor

One Podcast:
Let’s Make Mistakes

I’ve already mentioned Mike Monteiro’s “F**k You, Pay Me” video last week, this week I found out he actually has a podcast, well worth a listen for all designers and creatives

Blog Newsletters

Weekly Top 5 #14 22nd Feb 2015

One Gadget:
Zolt Charger

Why are MacBook chargers so heavy and ugly? These guys didn’t think it was necessary

One Profile:
The Shape of things to come on Jony Ivy

#LongRead How much do you know about Apple’s famous lead designer Sir Jonathan Ive?

One font tool:
Wordmark for designers

Ever had to go through every font on your computer to checkout what would look good? This website is perfect for that.

One Article:
My Startup Made 200k In Its First Two Months… And I’m Embarrassed

A very insightful article on the mindset a true entrepreneur should have. **P.S. I’ve always wanted to write a book**

One Game:
Design Well

A game for designers to test their knowledge


5 cool things 04-01-2014 #8

One Podcast:
Replay All – This website is for sale

If you are an entrepreneur with a website, the chances are you have struggled to think of a good url that is available. This very well made podcast gives interesting insights into the world of domain investment.

One Business App:
Streak – CRM in your inbox

Best CRM platform I’ve used (simple enough), everything is managed within your gmail. it even has a free plan.

One interesting study:
Study finds being broke reduces brain power

We all have limited mental bandwidth and when we are too focus on how to survive on a tight budget, it makes us worse at other things (That’s my excuse anyway)

One Article on consumer psychology:
What I learnt about pricing

How to price your products to steer your user into the best option

One Inspiration for the new year:
How I gained and lost 60 pounds as an Entrepreneur…

Inspiring story of how an entrepreneur regain control of her health (“sleep when I am dead” or “eat right and exercise once I sell my company” is bad)