So with the recent growth of internet of things (IOT), smartlocks are inevitable. Just last week the $99 Lockitron Bolt was released where users can lock/unlock door to the home with just their mobile phone and no key is needed. I wonder what the impacts are?

  • Would we freakout more then ever if we lose our phone?
  • What does it mean when our phone battery dies?
  • Would locksmiths get more/less business?
  • Would locksmiths need to re-train?
  • Would locksmiths have to be extra careful since locks have become so much more expensive?
  • Would locksmiths have to charge more because they have to spend more time in each job?
  • Would thieves have an easier task? (They just need to take your phone)
  • Maybe thieves like to use windows so it doesn’t really matter?
  • What happens if my Wifi router is having problem? No power, No network…etc?

*Slightly off topic. Our bedroom door had once locked itself and I had to spend $300 hkd (£30 Gbp) to have a guy “fix” it in less than 2 mins with a piece of plastic.

As much as I’m a gadget geek, i don’t think I’ll be braving this gadget for the time being.


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