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Chi Wai Li

Surprises from launching

I actually had the idea for UXstamps more than a year ago. I was in London at the time and shared the idea with a few mates, the response was “OK”, no excitement, no drama. Still, I went ahead and got a prototype done via What came back was a rather ugly bulky 3d printed […]

Weekly top 5 #69 – The last newsletter for now (With a lot of interesting links)

    As much as I enjoy writing these email newsletters to, as helpful as it as been as an exercise in processing and write down my thinkings, curating content and journals my weeks. There is something now much more important for me to focus my energy on, my daughter. This little “angel/monster” is now my everything, […]

Weekly top 5 #42 – The right adventure, language and Scissors

Someone I really respected asked what I was hoping to create for myself professionally? Where do I want to be in 3, 5 or 10 years time? The frightening thing was, I didn’t have an answer… and I still don’t, but it is something I have been working on and it’s slowly taking shape. Have you […]

Weekly top 5 #41 – Fighting, User Psychology & Water

Happy year of the Monkey everyone, Hope everyone had a good week, the past week has been very positive, my contract role has been going well, I’m really enjoying working on my current projects, the role is rather suited to my abilities and what I don’t know I’ve been given space to learn. The people […]

Weekly top 5 #40 – Rules, Hospitals and Habits

Hello, How’s it going? So my new journey has officially began last Monday as I start my first contract role in UK at an consultant agency. The role is a bit more UI and a bit less UX then I imagined but it’s still pretty darn cool. One Trick Shorthand for UI flow From the […]