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#60 – Friends, Prioritisation and Hacking your old cameras

  One Question: Do your friends like you “Show me your friends and I will show you who you are.” How many “close friends” do you have? It’s definitely about the quality over quantity here, and the shocking thing is not having enough could mean you die younger #SeriousStuff One App: One Big Thing I […]

Weekly Top 5 #50 – Writing Well, Fixing Routers and What Does Old Look Like?

One Awesome Library: On Writing Well Want to do something well and don’t know where to start, copy the masters. This is a wonderful and comprehensive collection of effective email copies from some of the best marketing companies. One Tool: Online Markdown Editor If you haven’t heard of Markdown, then maybe it’s time to pay attention, it’s […]

Weekly top 5 #27 – Time vs Money and Of Course Designs

One Quote Time vs Money “There’s a myth that time is money. In fact, time is more precious than money. It’s a nonrenewable resource. Once you’ve spent it, and if you’ve spent it badly, it’s gone forever.” ~ Neil A. Fiore One List: Do These 5 Things Before You Take Time Off How good are you at […]

Weekly top 5 #24, Lying, Unicorns and Mistakes – 18/5/2015

One Quote On Passion and doing yourself a favour Francis Ford Coppola said something like, “the best favour you can do for yourself is only work on things that you believe in, because then you’re not lying. You’re telling the truth. And if you’re telling the truth, then it looks like you’re telling the truth.” […]

Weekly Top 5 #14 22nd Feb 2015

One Gadget: Zolt Charger Why are MacBook chargers so heavy and ugly? These guys didn’t think it was necessary One Profile: The Shape of things to come on Jony Ivy #LongRead How much do you know about Apple’s famous lead designer Sir Jonathan Ive? One font tool: Wordmark for designers Ever had to […]

5 Killer Mac Apps you should be using

I love my MacBook Pro, I think it’s amazing and I really enjoy doing my work with it. When it got rained on a few months ago and smoke started to come out, I even overcame the temptation to ‘upgrade’ to a smaller screen, since they don’t make 17″ MacBook Pros anymore. Still, I don’t think […]

Data Visualization tools

With increasingly large amount of data and information data Visualization hs become an absolute must for data analysis. The wonderful folks at has centralized an array of the best tools to do just that. Go check it out now

Verite Interactive Timeline

An experiment using Verite Timeline by Impressive interactive result using either JSON or Google Doc Spreadsheet. Can be used as standard HTML embed or via wordpress plugin by Cardume [timeline font=’Merriweather-NewsCycle’ maptype=’SATELLITE’ src=’’]

Testing new tools – Text Expander and Alfred

I’ve been listening to the Back to Work Podcast with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin for sometime now, always interested to hear how to make more work better and more efficient, there’s so many handy advice in it. Not just on tech but also on being a better person. Highly recommended! but the problem with this show […]