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Chi Wai Li

61 – Cockroach Theory, Tricking Yourself & Helicopter Money

  One Trick: For being nice to yourself It’s actually surprisingly hard to be kind to ourselves, specially when we are talking about our future selves. “Whenever you can, do something kind for Future You.” Try think of the future you as a close friend whom you care about. What advice would you give that […]

#60 – Friends, Prioritisation and Hacking your old cameras

  One Question: Do your friends like you “Show me your friends and I will show you who you are.” How many “close friends” do you have? It’s definitely about the quality over quantity here, and the shocking thing is not having enough could mean you die younger #SeriousStuff One App: One Big Thing I […]

Weekly Top 5 #57 – Conversations, Coding and 56 years of TV

One Video: How to have better conversation How good are you at conversations? Are you distracted or are you really paying attention? Are you listening to the other person or listening just enough so you reply with something witty? NPR radio host Celeste Headlee has some fantastic points we should be paying attention to make us […]

Weekly top 5 #41 – Fighting, User Psychology & Water

Happy year of the Monkey everyone, Hope everyone had a good week, the past week has been very positive, my contract role has been going well, I’m really enjoying working on my current projects, the role is rather suited to my abilities and what I don’t know I’ve been given space to learn. The people […]