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Chi Wai Li

#62 – Get a Life, Legos mutated and Problem Solving

  One message: Stop Touting Your Crazy Hours Stop touting, lead by example, you are making your team feel bad and forcing yourself to pretend to be productive is different than actually being productive, so stop it! One kickstarter campaign: Edo – Giant cardboard Legos Like legos but huge and made with cardboard boxes, cheap […]

61 – Cockroach Theory, Tricking Yourself & Helicopter Money

  One Trick: For being nice to yourself It’s actually surprisingly hard to be kind to ourselves, specially when we are talking about our future selves. “Whenever you can, do something kind for Future You.” Try think of the future you as a close friend whom you care about. What advice would you give that […]

Weekly Top 5 #52 – Habits, Greedy Brands and 30 days of Genius

One Video Series: 30 Days of Genius A series of amazing interview by famous photographer Chase Jarvis speaking with a number of top-of-their game creative types from Tim Ferriss to Kelly Starrett, Austin Kleon to Neil Strauss, sign up and get an email One Video: The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers A fascinating and funny […]

Weekly Top 5 #46 – Important Play, Flexbox Game and Kneeing Chair

One Product: A Desk and Kneeing Chair Sitting straight has probably been one of my biggest daily struggles. I would normally sit up straight first thing in the morning but as the day progress I would just slouch more and more. This seems to be a pretty darn good solution (I’ve tried standing desks but would […]

Weekly top 5 #36, Posters, Awkward Gadgets and Calendar

One App for Mac: Itsycal – Mini Calendar If you work on a Mac and like me often need access to a calendar then this free and speedy app is perfect for you. It can even link up with your iCal One Article for 2016 UX Trends to come A fascinating and insightful read on the shape […]

Why startups should embrace Kickstarter!

I absolutely love Kickstarter! If you are asking “What is Kickstarter?” Than I’m just going to presume you are pretty new to the idea of starting your own business. Because it is an amazing crowd funding platform that give you a pretty good chance of making your ideas to a real product! (If it is good anyway) […]