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Chi Wai Li

#63 – Bartender Theory, Umbrella design and 5 Hour Rule

  The Bartender Theory Not sure if this is funny or a fantastic creativity exercise. Throw in any word with “theory” and make up a business strategy or management policy around it. “The Hulk Theory” anyone? How To Take Restful Breaks I am annoying bad at taking proper breaks, specially recently with a lot of personal issues […]

#62 – Get a Life, Legos mutated and Problem Solving

  One message: Stop Touting Your Crazy Hours Stop touting, lead by example, you are making your team feel bad and forcing yourself to pretend to be productive is different than actually being productive, so stop it! One kickstarter campaign: Edo – Giant cardboard Legos Like legos but huge and made with cardboard boxes, cheap […]

Weekly Top 5 #45 – Pencils Reimagined, Touch Screen MacBook and Writing

One Inspiration: Reimagining Pencils If I ask you to redesign or redefined pencil as you know it, what would you come up with? These students from the Holon Institute of Technology has came up with some pretty darn amazing redesigns, definitely worth checking out. One Surprise: Writing notes by hand lets you understand more If you are as geeky […]

Weekly top 5 #42 – The right adventure, language and Scissors

Someone I really respected asked what I was hoping to create for myself professionally? Where do I want to be in 3, 5 or 10 years time? The frightening thing was, I didn’t have an answer… and I still don’t, but it is something I have been working on and it’s slowly taking shape. Have you […]