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Weekly Top 5 #46 – Important Play, Flexbox Game and Kneeing Chair


One Product: A Desk and Kneeing Chair

Sitting straight has probably been one of my biggest daily struggles. I would normally sit up straight first thing in the morning but as the day progress I would just slouch more and more. This seems to be a pretty darn good solution (I’ve tried standing desks but would get restless pretty quickly)

One Game: For learning Flexbox

If you are a frontend developer, you are bound to have at least heard of Flexbox, the relatively new CSS3 layout methods as an alternative to abusing floats and tables. It’s not too hard to use, but it’s not the easiest to remember. This game is a pretty good game to help you learn to remember the syntaxes.

One Ted Talk: Play is more than Fun

Having fun and playing is serious business. Plenty of play in childhood for happy, smart adults, keeping it up can make us smarter at any age. So get playing and stop being so serious 🙂

One Indiegogo Campaign: FormCards

This product reminds me a little of Sugru but in a reusable format, you can soften it with heat and reform it to whatever you need. I don’t have an exact idea what I will need it for, but I’ve already pledge toward it to make sure I get some

One Freebie: Photo Editing Software – Nik Collection

Photo editing software comes in all shapes and sizes, some are free but hard to use, others are expensive yet complicated. Nik Collection WAS expensive and easy to use, but since Google bought this company up, it is now FREE.
This week
[The Good] Work is interesting,
[The Good] Successfully Practicing Peak App hopefully I’m getting faster
[The Bad] Hurt my calf during a quick jog
[Next Week’s Goal] Meditate for 3 days this week

Blog Newsletters

Weekly Top 5 #14 22nd Feb 2015

One Gadget:
Zolt Charger

Why are MacBook chargers so heavy and ugly? These guys didn’t think it was necessary

One Profile:
The Shape of things to come on Jony Ivy

#LongRead How much do you know about Apple’s famous lead designer Sir Jonathan Ive?

One font tool:
Wordmark for designers

Ever had to go through every font on your computer to checkout what would look good? This website is perfect for that.

One Article:
My Startup Made 200k In Its First Two Months… And I’m Embarrassed

A very insightful article on the mindset a true entrepreneur should have. **P.S. I’ve always wanted to write a book**

One Game:
Design Well

A game for designers to test their knowledge