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Weekly top 5 #24, Lying, Unicorns and Mistakes – 18/5/2015

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On Passion and doing yourself a favour

Francis Ford Coppola said something like, “the best favour you can do for yourself is only work on things that you believe in, because then you’re not lying. You’re telling the truth. And if you’re telling the truth, then it looks like you’re telling the truth.” So, that’s the favor I give myself. I choose to represent products that I actually believe in. Then I don’t have to act.
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Ever wish you had more than one number or email account to give out? This service allows you to have “multiple disposable phone numbers and email aliases on a single device, managed with the tap of a button.” Unfortunately, it’s US & Canada only for now

One Article:
Dinosaurs Vs Unicorns

From the notorious straight talker and 500 Startups founder Dav McCure, a look at how dinosaur businesses will have to innovate to survive against the new wave of agile limitless unicorn like startups

One App
For prototyping: Invision

We’ve been using this nifty app for showing interactive prototypes to clients and although I still find it a bit slow it is growing on me, it integrates well with Sketch and photoshop, i’m also interested in trying out it’s competitor

One Podcast:
Let’s Make Mistakes

I’ve already mentioned Mike Monteiro’s “F**k You, Pay Me” video last week, this week I found out he actually has a podcast, well worth a listen for all designers and creatives

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Confession of a Podcast Junky – what I listen to regularly

featured-podcastMy name is Chi and I’m a media junky. I try to read a whole lot of blogs and listen to even more podcasts. I hate to waste time which is why I often listen to various podcasts on my journey to and from work and most likely whilst I’m at work. Side note, I find as long as what I’m doing doesn’t include putting sentences together such as design and development, i can concentrate both on the task and on the podcasts.
So here’s a list of all the podcasts I regularly listen to, in alphabetical order:

    1. Back to Work
    2. Boagworld Web Design Show
    3. Build My Online Store
    4. Business tips for startups by proven entrepreneurs (Mixergy)
    5. Entrepreneur Thought Leaders
    6. Everyday Einstein’s Quick and Dirty TIps…
    7. Fitness Skills by Gold Medal Bodies
    8. The Foolish Adventure Show
    9. Foundation
    10. Get Paid to Travel the World – The Tropical MBA
    11. Internet Business Mastery
    12. The Lifestyle Business Podcast
    13. Listen to Lucy (FT)
    14. Market Foolery
    15. Money Talk from
    16. The Random Show Podcast
    17. The Smart Passive Income Podcast
    18. Startups for the Rest of Us
    19. T3 Podcast
    20. Tech Weekly (The Guardian)
    21. Techzing Tech podcast
    22. This Week in Startups
    23. The Podcast

As you can see there’s a lot of focus on tech and startup/businesses – which is the secret to how i keep on finding new gems of the internet.
I kinda surprised myself when I finally finished the list, I swear I do listen to all of these podcasts, I do miss a few shows every now and then and I definitely don’t listen to all of them each and every week, I tend to listen to them in blocks, so it may be 3 shows of Tech Weekly back to back after neglecting it for a few weeks, just because it takes too much effort to dig my ipod out and change shows.
When it’s not 2 in the morning, I would add a bit more detail to why I listen to these podcasts

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Testing new tools – Text Expander and Alfred

I’ve been listening to the Back to Work Podcast with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin for sometime now, always interested to hear how to make more work better and more efficient, there’s so many handy advice in it. Not just on tech but also on being a better person. Highly recommended! but the problem with this show is, it takes a lot of concentration, there’s so much juicy tips in it, is very easy to miss something.  It’s not the first time I heard about the third party software Text Expander, in fact it’s been mentioned to me several times over the last week. One other place being Jacob Cass’ blog. Since i do have to write a lot of emails, I decided to give it a try. I will try writing regularly on how I find this tool.

*** For result from my testing please click here ***

Another tool I’m testing at the moment is Alfred, also recommended by  Jacob Cass. I have been having trouble with the Mac OSX spotlight for sometimes. I alright set it so it only scans my application folder, but still it takes far too long to compile the results. So here I am giving Alfred a try as well.