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A missing piece from investment platforms? A new idea?

Or maybe I just haven’t found the app/service I have in mind yet…

I’ve casually invested in stocks and shares for a number of years now, never anything big and only on companies I know. Like everyone else, I simply want my money to grow that little bit more.

I’ve used a handful of platforms so far, some HK based like HSBC and, some UK based like and They all have their pros and cons, some of good prices but bad UI. The difficult thing about these trading platforms (same goes for crypto trading platforms) is the vast sea of information available, all the numbers, graphs showing trends and assortment of buttons can get confusing, especially for new users and those new to investment, the good news is unless the platform is really really awful the user would most likely be able to make the trade they want, that’s not the hard bit…

The feedback loop

I think the one thing most of these trading platforms is missing is providing a strong feedback loop. If I made money with one trade but lost in 2 other trade, I would like to know why! Did I buy at a bad time due something unforeseen such as interest rate hike, or did I buy at a known ceiling price? Perhaps I held on to a stock for so long the dividend gained made up for the price change? I’m not sure how others keep track of their trading history but I have a long hideous spreadsheet. It’s clumsy but it tells me why I did what. 

Actually, I’d love to know how other people are keeping track of their wins and loses, I would really appreciate it if you could comment on this post or PM me 🙂

If I have the opportunity to make this into an actual platform, I’d look into these features

  • A simple list of Good, OK, Bad rating on my previous trades. We tend to emotionally remember the big wins and loses, but what does average look like?
  • Trends in the big macro, industry at the time of trades. Anyone could have picked winning stocks when there’s a big bull market. That’s not skill
  • Significant news or announcements. Maybe I bought Apple shares due to a rumour that turned out to be false
  • Expert opinion on what I did right or wrong, think of it as an investment mentor
  • Hindsight of chart patterns at the time “How could have I missed the Double, Head and Shoulder blah blah blah pattern…
  • Did I make the right decision at the right time? (I really like this one), I might have lost 10% on snapchat stocks, but imagine how much more upset I would be if I lost 40%? The bigger picture is really important
  • What if I traded X instead of Y? I have very limited funds, which means I can only pick a few stocks, I’d like to be able to see if I picked the right one “If only i bought Apple instead of IBM 2 years, I would have so much more”

What do you think?

So what do you think of the above? Useful? Interesting? Have a few million dollars spare to make this happen? Either way, I’d love to chat. Please comment or PM me

P.S on a side note, I personally think virtual monopoly money trading accounts are helpful, but only to a certain degree because when it’s real money on the line we don’t act the same way. We get emotional and irrational, and that’s the biggest lesson we have to learn. 

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Change is normal, stop using bad tools

I was speaking with a friend recently, he works in the UX scene in London and has worked with every type of organisations from tiny hip startups to international corporate banks. I wanted to get more insight into what I should focus to get ready for the UK scene.
I was happy to hear worlds like customer validation and agile, but what I was not so happy to hear was tools like Omnigraffle and Axure. Both prototyping tools which I’ve tested and didn’t like, they felt old and clunky, no where as slick as Sketch and Invision not to mention their no-so-cheap price bracket of $99+ and $289+ respectively.
I don’t mind learning a new tool for the better, but this feels like a backward step for me.  I used to be a big fan of photoshop for mock ups, I resisted the shift to Sketch for quite some time. I was so happy with all my photoshop shortcuts and workflow I just didn’t want to change. However, I know Sketch is BETTER, therefore I should learn it and I did… In fact, I rather enjoy Sketch now. 
The problem is, the banks and large corporations in UK doesn’t seem to be so keen on that idea for change, I understand there is a cost involved to change for large establishments, he cost of software (hardware?) and the training that might be involved, but it’s just such a shame to slow down progress.
So my dilemma now is, should I really try to learn everything and be a jack-of-all-trade at an okay level, so I can work anywhere using whatever tool they prefer or should I get really good at one or two tools and only work with certain companies?
There is simply too much to learn to be good at everything. Any suggestions?

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Weekly top 5 #35 – Our brain, training it and understanding it

One Article:
Train your brain to get what you really want

“Never ask advice of someone with whom you wouldn’t want to trade places.” That’s only one example of insightful article on how our brain really works and how to make things happen.

One Video
Five Principles of Persuasive Product Design

An informative talk by Nathalie Nahai, web psychologist (@NathalieNahai) on five principles to bear in mind when designing sticky products.

One fantastic offer
Udemy Black Friday offers – $12 per course

If you want to thrive in business or tech, you have to continue to learn and Udemy is one heck of a platform to help you to do so, even more so when they have promotions that are 95% off. I bought 5 courses, on Javascript, marketing and (not without irony) learning

One Twitter account to follow
@I Am Devloper

Programmers and web dev geeks would understand. Example:
“The Top 100 JavaScript Frameworks of 2015″
ಠ_ಠ this is an issue..

One Tool

Have you ever wanted to focus but couldn’t? or tried to rest but your mind was just too busy? Well it turns out sound wave at particular frequencies can help in just this way. Well worth trying out the free trial.

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Amazon has patented "1-Click" buy and Apple has been licensing from them since 2000 #factoftheday #blog

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"Don't be afraid of the unknown, because everything is unknown." Sir Ken Robinson #blog

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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ― Helen Keller, The Open Door #blog #QuoteOfTheDay

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