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Weekly top 5 #24, Lying, Unicorns and Mistakes – 18/5/2015

One Quote
On Passion and doing yourself a favour

Francis Ford Coppola said something like, “the best favour you can do for yourself is only work on things that you believe in, because then you’re not lying. You’re telling the truth. And if you’re telling the truth, then it looks like you’re telling the truth.” So, that’s the favor I give myself. I choose to represent products that I actually believe in. Then I don’t have to act.
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One Tool:

Ever wish you had more than one number or email account to give out? This service allows you to have “multiple disposable phone numbers and email aliases on a single device, managed with the tap of a button.” Unfortunately, it’s US & Canada only for now

One Article:
Dinosaurs Vs Unicorns

From the notorious straight talker and 500 Startups founder Dav McCure, a look at how dinosaur businesses will have to innovate to survive against the new wave of agile limitless unicorn like startups

One App
For prototyping: Invision

We’ve been using this nifty app for showing interactive prototypes to clients and although I still find it a bit slow it is growing on me, it integrates well with Sketch and photoshop, i’m also interested in trying out it’s competitor

One Podcast:
Let’s Make Mistakes

I’ve already mentioned Mike Monteiro’s “F**k You, Pay Me” video last week, this week I found out he actually has a podcast, well worth a listen for all designers and creatives