One Awesome Library: On Writing Well

Want to do something well and don’t know where to start, copy the masters. This is a wonderful and comprehensive collection of effective email copies from some of the best marketing companies.

One Tool: Online Markdown Editor

If you haven’t heard of Markdown, then maybe it’s time to pay attention, it’s very easy to learn, and makes your text formatting so much faster. It turns plain text to super beautiful formatted HTML. I’m actually writing this article on Dillinger online markdown editor right now.

One Tool: Router Auto Reset

Ever had that annoying problem with your home wifi router dying on you and the only way it would work again is if you switch the power off then back on again? Well this little device can actually do that for you, perfect for the lazy and those who needs access to your home computer when you are away. #FirstWorldProblem.  This could be specially useful with you have smart appliances.

One Video: What does old look like?

A nicely made video that asked millennials to answer what age is ‘old’ and what does ‘old look like’ I was very glad to see some of them were proven to be very wrong. It’s only 4 minutes long, give it a watch.

One Mobile Keyboard: Slash

If you have ever used Slack, you would understand the power of the ‘slash’ command (/giphy Dancing Cat anyone)? This app basically supercharge your keyboard connecting Foursquare, GIFs, Spotify, Stickers, YouTube, and even twitter. Checkout the examples
This Week
I’ve had a pretty good week, an excellent weekend with friends and a productive week at work. I realise I’m much happier with my work when I have well defined objective to work toward. I focus better and are generally more productive.
[The Good] I might be involved in a very interesting project at work, Fingers crossed
[The Good] I’ve been writing in my 5 mins journal every day and night for over a week. I like how it forces you to think what actually went well.
[The Bad] The hot again, rainy again weather is causing me to not sleep so well #grumpy
[Next Week’s Goal] Keep up with the journal and try the Wim Hoff method at least 3 times a week