I’ve been listening to the Back to Work Podcast with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin for sometime now, always interested to hear how to make more work better and more efficient, there’s so many handy advice in it. Not just on tech but also on being a better person. Highly recommended! but the problem with this show is, it takes a lot of concentration, there’s so much juicy tips in it, is very easy to miss something.  It’s not the first time I heard about the third party software Text Expander, in fact it’s been mentioned to me several times over the last week. One other place being Jacob Cass’ blog. Since i do have to write a lot of emails, I decided to give it a try. I will try writing regularly on how I find this tool.

*** For result from my testing please click here ***

Another tool I’m testing at the moment is Alfred, also recommended by  Jacob Cass. I have been having trouble with the Mac OSX spotlight for sometimes. I alright set it so it only scans my application folder, but still it takes far too long to compile the results. So here I am giving Alfred a try as well.