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#63 – Bartender Theory, Umbrella design and 5 Hour Rule


The Bartender Theory

Not sure if this is funny or a fantastic creativity exercise. Throw in any word with “theory” and make up a business strategy or management policy around it. “The Hulk Theory” anyone?

How To Take Restful Breaks

I am annoying bad at taking proper breaks, specially recently with a lot of personal issues happening around me. Even my sleep at night has become restless, this article has served as a much appreciated reminder on what is actually resting and what isn’t. Such as “Reading websites taxes many of the same mental processes that we use when we’re working.”

The Five Hour Rule

Learning never stops, it didn’t start at school and it definitely should not end the day you left formal education. Having a growth mindset is only the beginning, it’s also about giving yourself the time and space to read, learn and apply new found knowledge. The five hour rule outline how some of the most successful individuals learn and grow.

Fantastic Umbrella Start up

Innovation really is everywhere, think umbrella’s are boring? Think again and check out this Japanese company and their panoramic photo umbrellas.

Who do I want to be?

I almost got in a fight on the bus over the weekend and it was actually a very insightful experience. It wasn’t just the typical shoulder bump or stare down. This guy was actively shouting abuses at me, my instinct reaction was to get ready to throw punches, “I’m gonna show I am the alpha here”. He even deliberately sat opposite me to continue the aggression. I was ready to get physical, I was angry and wanted to hurt him. Even thinking about it now, I can feel the adrenaline pumping through me.
Nothing happened in the end, but it did make me think much more about who do I actually want to be, do I want to be thug like that guy? Or do I want to be the type of guy who can stay calm and handle guys like that without actual violence? Do I really want to waste time at the police station? Do I want to risk getting my wife hurt in the process if a fight did break out?
I have a friend who I imagine would be able to perfectly handle that situation, and that is who I now aspire to be. It’s not about trying to prove who is the stronger / bigger / harder man. That’s instinctive and the easy path. Being a good person doing the right thing against my own aggressive instincts is what I should challenge.

My Week

[The Good] I’ve started doing the 22 push up challenge to raise awareness for PTSD, it both keeps me moving and help a good cause
[The Good] Someone has been in touch with me regarding possible partnership / buying
[The Bad] The commute to work is still the biggest time waster for me, it’s really hard to read when the bus moves so much