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Each week I send out an newsletter with just 5 things that I've found interesting that week, it could be a website, an app, or a Kickstarter campaign. It's mostly on tech and startups. If that sounds interesting to you sign up below or check out the Archive here.

One Infographic:
The World as 100 People

A very simple put fascinating graphic of the world’s population in terms of gender, race, religion…etc

One Video:
Startup for Designers

Nice presentation from Google Ventures on how designers should approach startups, but not working on the fun parts (company name & logo) first, but instead the riskiest part

One Article:
Your Free Design Work Will End Up In The Trash

We all have limited mental bandwidth and when we are too focus on how to survive on a tight budget, it makes us worse at other things (That’s my excuse anyway)

One Crowdfunding Campaign
Flow – a new way to Interact on a computer

As wonderful as products like Leap motion and Microsoft Kinect sounds, they are actually not particularly helpful in daily computer work, that’s where I think Flow can differ. Techcrunch Video

One WordPress Plugin:
Idea Factory

I’ve been looking for a simple way to share ideas with my close friends, to allow them to vote and comment on my ideas – this is perfect! It will be uploaded to http://chi.wai.li/ideas/


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