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Weekly Top 5 #52 – Habits, Greedy Brands and 30 days of Genius


One Video Series: 30 Days of Genius

A series of amazing interview by famous photographer Chase Jarvis speaking with a number of top-of-their game creative types from Tim Ferriss to Kelly Starrett, Austin Kleon to Neil Strauss, sign up and get an email

One Video: The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers

A fascinating and funny talk on how deliberate procrastination can fuel creative thinkings. Well worth a watch, even if just for the entertaining values.

One Graphic: From Data to Wisdom

Data > Information > Knowledge > Insight > Wisdom. First mentioned to me by one of my lecturer at Kent University This article takes it this idea much further, such as this powerful quote “They used to say knowledge is power, but now there’s Google — information is everywhere, and cheap”

One Kickstarter Campaign: Pebble Time 2

Although I’m a tech geek, I don’t actually own too many smart devices, I’ve been pretty happy with my Fitbit Charge all along but this new generation of Pebble smartwatch with heart rate monitor actually sounds pretty interesting. Starting from $99 USD it’s not a bad of an investment

One List: Brands that does Good vs Bad

I don’t think I’m the only one that does this strange thing where I think of companies and brands as people, with attitudes and personalities. This list shows how people perceive these companies in terms of “the extent to which they stand for something other than making money”, some big surprises here.