One Video: La maison en petits cubes (The House of Small Cubes)

A sad but so incredibly a beautifully story about an old man ‘diving’ into his old house and past to see all the beauties in his life.

One Danger: Ideacide

We are probably our own worse critic. It’s not really our fault, we are just protecting ourselves from embarrassments and chance of failure.

One podcast: Myths and Legends Podcast

If you enjoy mythological stories, you really should check out this fantastic podcast. From Japanese legends to the ‘real’ Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales.

One Physical Tool: The amazing Leveraxe

Who said there are no more space for innovation? A tool that was first used in 4,000 BC can still be radically redesign for a much more efficient chop.

One Article: How people judge you

Keen on impressing someone you just met, if you and it to be a long term relationship, don’t just show off how smart you are, you also need to demonstrate you are trust worthy. Someone smart whom I can’t trust is not going to be a friend or business partner.

My Week

[The Good] I wrote a post on Medium about my experience with the car rental company Hertz #serviceDesign
[The Good] Finally worked up the courage to try a round-off, back tucks 🙂
[The Bad] Haven’t been sleeping well
[Next Week’s Goal] Keep up with the daily journal and try the Wim Hoff method at least 3 times a week