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Weekly Top 5 #48 – Confidence, Travel Hack and Yoga

One Question: What would you do if you were confident?

Thanks Danny for recommending the book The Confidence Gap by Russ Harris to me. Just the question above alone is worth every penny. How different would your life be if you were confident? What would you do differently?

One T-shirt: For travellers

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, so what could 40 icons say in a country where you don’t speak the language? Simple but incredibly functional t-shirts.

One Hack: Yoga for Stress & Anxiety

To me, yoga is about focusing on the breathe and your movement, so that you can finally let go of everyday trouble. This is a fantastic ‘hack’ article to know which yoga pose to do for particular issues. (It is still of course best to take your time and really practice)

One Video that made me cry: Denali

Oh my this is such a beautiful video. The story of Ben and his dog during the Dog’s last days due to cancer. All narrated from the dog’s perspective. Its heart warming and wrenching at the same time. Please watch

One Simple Article: On value of time

Have you thought about how many winters you have already lived through? How about the number of in-person time with your parents? The author illustrates some interesting graphs to demonstrate how much of our life we have already lived through.

Final Words

Apologies, I’m changing the design of this newsletter again, the colours just didn’t make sense when the site is more of a dark blue. I’ll try introduce more images into the newsletter next week. Thanks for reading 🙂
This week
[The Good] Better understanding of the near future
[The Good] Sent this email out on time 🙂 Thanks Jason for the encouragements
[The Bad] Sad that we will be leaving UK soon
[The Bad] Started House Of Cards season 1 on netflix…
[Next Week’s Goal] More handstand practices