One Failure: Me with this newsletter

Some might have notice I’ve actually not been sending these newsletters out weekly. I have no excuse for this, I just haven’t been disciplined enough lately and I’m not proud but I have own it. I’ve started a new routine which I hope would help.

One Product: It’s clever and dumb

Imagine you can only write with the top 1,000 most commonly used English words, would that make writing easier or harder? Well, you can try it with the amazing ClearText Editor. It’s also worth checking out this link by the app’s on “Dooming mankind”.

One Article: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

This probably isn’t the first time I’ve talked about Impost Syndrome, and most likely won’t be the last either. It’s something I really struggle with personally and I really hope some of these links would help at least one of you in a tiny way.

One Video: Forget about the Pecking Order

A funny analogy about chickens and super chickens that wonderfully demonstrate what it really takes to build good teams and great companies.

One Collection: Vintage Design Porn

[NOT REAL PORN] Some genius(es) decided to put together this site with all sorts of physical control panel designs. Majority are from what people in the past thought future products would look like, some of them are still so beautiful.

My week

Where did you expect yourself to be 5 years ago? Are you where you expected or hoped to be? On our recent trip to Switzerland, I had a bit of time to reflect on the past I wanted to understand what motivates and stresses me out.
I think a big part of it is because I had pretty high expectations for myself for where I will be today and the fact that not only I’m not a millionaire yet, I’m actually still regularly struggling with money. Life has a tendency to get pretty complicated, looking back I’m pretty happy with what’ve done, my expectations were just a bit too simple, causing me to question my own ability and self worth.
This week
[The Good] Started to go to bed earlier
[The Good] Getting back into exercising regurlarly and I’m already feeling the energy and mood change
[The Bad] Money trouble and not knowing where I’ll physically be in 3 months