One Article
Tetris vs Chess

“In life, no one tells you when you’ve won.” I absolutely love this article, the author talked about how most people is approaching life like a game of chess, seeing enemies where there aren’t any, instead he suggest it’s actually a bit more like Tetris.

One Shock
The dangers of stickers chart

Were you ever given stickers as rewards when you did something good as a kid? I was, it turns out, that might not be the best idea! It’s training kids to look for extrinsic rewards instead of natural internal ones. It becomes “What would I get if I’m nice to my little brother” instead of truly wanting to be a nice person.

One Report
Tech Trend Predictions 2016

From one of my favourite studio Frog Design, a list of 15 space to watch out for in the tech industry for 2016. I don’t agree with all of them, but it’s certainly worth understanding why they made these predictions.

One Experiment
An Artificial Intelligence poster ad

What does the most eye catching ad looks like? Using the “Darwinian approach to advertising” an algorithm was used to design hundreds of variation for the same product, testing what imagery / layout / copy attract the most eye balls and “evolve” into the ultimate ad, fascinating stuff.

One Video
Busy vs Productive

[Facebook Video] A quick video of something I have to regularly ask myself, am I being Busy or am I being Productive. We have limited energy, that’s why it’s important for us to concentrate on the right tasks.

Final Words

Hi everyone,
It has been a pretty good week here in London. I’m still working on what exactly I’m hoping to create for myself in the next 2, 5 & 10 years, I’ve been watching and learning from those who inspires me, there is much to learn. However, it had a negative affect on me – I forgot to be confident and speak my own mind.
I was so tuned in as a student and observer, I forgot I too am smart in my own way and I too have a voice (it’s also why i started this newsletter). I need to carry on listening but also need to be a bit more outspoken to train up my thinking and communication muscles.
This week
[The Good] I’ve noticed I’m getting better at catching my own negative emotions. Now the hard part, learn how to deal with them.
[The Bad] Dealing with umbrella companies as a contractor. I just want to be paid… why is it so hard?