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Weekly top 5 #36, Posters, Awkward Gadgets and Calendar

One App for Mac:
Itsycal – Mini Calendar

If you work on a Mac and like me often need access to a calendar then this free and speedy app is perfect for you. It can even link up with your iCal

One Article for 2016
UX Trends to come

A fascinating and insightful read on the shape of things to come in UX for the next year. Highly recommended for anyone working in tech.

One (finished) Kickstarter campaign
LEVIT8, Portable standing desk

This is one sexy looking product for your very own portable standing desks. Sorry I’ve sent this out way too late and it’s not finished, I’m sure you can get it from their website soon

One Research
How We Hold Our Gadgets

A great piece into how our gadgets are designed and how awkward some interactions can be, specially for those silly phablets.

One Good Laugh
Posters for Designers

If you are a designer, you would understand. some might make you want to cry… like I did


[Good] Currently having a break before start of a new journey
[Good] Finally updated my portfolio on my site
[Bad] Sleeping really badly, waking up at 5am in the morning not being able to sleep is no good for one’s health