Hello boys and girls,
How are we this week? Hong Kong is FINALLY getting cooler, which of course makes me just that little bit less grumpy. Rather hard to believe Christmas isn’t actually that far away

One List:
Who You Should Eat (if you become a zombie)

A rather hilarious and cleverly thought out “menu”. The premises of this list is that free range lean meat are much tastier (think kobe beef), therefore intelligent brains should taste much better (for a zombies).

One Slide Deck
Gymnastic Floor Skills

The idea of gymnastics might seem intimidating for a lot of people, but at the end of the day, it’s all about moving your body and being strong and flexible. We should all be moving a lot more, plus it can be so much fun

One List
Tricks To Fluent Speeches

Public speaking is not easy for most of us, luckily some rather smarter folks had put together some rather simple tricks to help us get through our stage fright. Hint, like many things in life it requires planning and the ability to observe yourself.

One lot of Inspirations
10 Drawing Myths

I used to love to draw, I used to love art classes and dream of being a comic book artist (I still love reading comics now). This article explores some of the most common myths on why most of us think we can’t draw. It really isn’t as hard or as complicated as we think.

One Video
Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong

A fascinating video explaining what REALLY causes addictions? Hint, it’s not the drug itself, its more to do with our surroundings and the connections we share with others. To me, it also shows how bad we are at looking out for one and another. Wonderfully made video.


[Good] Some exciting plans are slowly coming together 🙂
[Bad] Getting fat, more so than I have ever been despite training in Muay Thai lately. Rather disappointed with myself