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Weekly top 5 #32 – Burning out and 5 mins to bad ideas

One Quote:
“There are two things in this world that take no skill: 1. Spending other people’s money and 2. Dismissing an idea.”

Next time you hear an idea you don’t like the sound of, why not spend just a few more minutes on it before deciding if it is really bad.

One Set of Visuals
On Machine learning

A beautiful and informative demonstration to what is machine learning, really amazingly designed

One big list
20 podcasts eposides for entrepreneurs

I really enjoy podcasts, I listen to anything from movie news to startup interviews, this is a fantastic list of podcast episodes for startup folks, just put it on during your commute.

One Article
Steal My App, I Dare You

A pretty amazing story for how one entrepreneur is approaching his own app ideas and helping them grow… by giving it away. Very much worth a read.

One Cool Product
A screen for the back of your screen

I absolutely love this idea. A phone case with an e-ink display, so you can check your phone without switching it on. Brilliant idea. One down side is that it’s iPhone only 🙁

Progress this week

[Good] Had great fun dancing at a good friends wedding party, it’s good to move again
[Good] Getting really comfortable with MongoDB and Terminal, something I thought was impossible
[Bad] Heart palpitations, general tiredness and gaining bad weight (makes me very grumpy)