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Weekly top 5 #30 – Buckets, Hermits and Death

One Quote
“You can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into” – Bad Science by Ben Goldacre

One Long Read
The Strange Tale of the North Pond Hermit

There’s something about this article that fascinates me, a man decided to isolate himself from society for 20+ years, living in the woods and stealing what he needs from camps and cabins, never speaking one word to anyone… what would that feel like?

One tip for startups
The Three Buckets

How do you work out if you are developing the right product? By thinking whether its a:

  • A gamechanger. People will want to buy your product because of this feature.
  • A showstopper. People won’t buy your product if you’re missing this feature, but adding it won’t generate demand.
  • A distraction. This feature will make no measurable impact on adoption.


One Shock:
What happens to my late Husband’s digital life now he is gone?

No one likes to think about death, but like Tax, it’s inevitable, have you thought about what would happen to your digital existence after you are gone?

One Must Watch Video:
Why Complaining is bad

We are, without a doubt, creatures of habit. So it’s not really surprising once we get into a regular habit of complaining, we tend to complain. even more! so try to keep a positive mind (Something I’m trying very hard at recetnyl)