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Weekly top 5 #29 – Beats, Scams and Productive people

One Meeting
The Lean Coffee Approach 

If you zone out of boring meetings as much as me, you will appreciate this simple and innovative approach to meetings

One Article
Busy Vs. Productive

Can you tell the difference between someone who is productive vs busy? Are you sure you are being productive? It’s some darn easy to mix up the two, have a quick look at this list to find out which are you.

One Sad Story
A Holacracy of Dunces

I really like Zappos’ founder Tony Hsieh, I love his book delivering happiness and the way he rans Zappos where he treated his staff REALLY well, so it was such a shame to read this article on how both Zappos and his Down Town project is going. I hope he can make it

One Lie:
How Beats tricks you

Remember how Beats was sold to Apple for $3 billion USD? Well it turns out those headphones are pretty crap, the only feel like a premium products because of this clever but lowly trick

One Fun Video:
How to peel a Mango

Like mangos? Do this.


[Good] It’s sad that I can’t think of much to write here… all I can think of is skating really fast downhill after work last Friday and survived. #IWillNeverActMyAge
[Bad] Must sleep, tired of being sick