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Weekly top 5 #26 – Brain after 25 plus Do's and Don'ts on Social Media

Hi all,
How was your week? I’m not sure if it’s related to the full moon or the heat, but it has been a rather tough week for me emotionally, between feeling lost and frustrated sleep haven’t been easy…fingers crossed on a better week

One Guide
Canva – Design made easy

As a designer, it’s almost in our best interest to keep design as mysterious as possible, so that everyone comes to us (me) for help when they have a design question. But the truth is, it’s actually pretty straight forward. Guy Kawasaki did a fantastic job putting this tool together with some amazing learning resources.

One FREE Tool
Unroll – Save time on emails

If you are anything like me, you probably get around 20 emails a day from various news and product websites, although I’ve been aggressively unsubscribing myself from these platforms, there are still some I actually enjoy receiving, but i would rather they don’t disturb my work, which is exactly where Unroll comes it, it learns about your emails and send you ONE email a day with everything inside.

One Article:
Why you can’t be a quiet creative (if you want to make a living)

I write this newsletters for several reasons, it allows me to stay in touch with my peers in related field and it forces to write on my blog on a regular basis, it is also allow me to market myself. This articles goes into depth on why we should create in the open.

One set of Rules:
The 29 Most Common Social Media Rules

Even if you don’t use facebook, twitter or instagram on a professional basis, I would still highly recommend you having a quick look at this list on how you should use Social Media.

One Article:
What it takes to change your brain’s pattern after age 25

Studies has shown the way our brain is wired begins to solidify around our mid 20s, our ability to learn slows down dramatically, luckily it’s still possible to train ourselves to keep our minds plastic and flexible.


[Good] Work seems to be going smoothly, although not as fast as I would like
[Bad] Failed to find time to meditate, also been incredible angry/frustrated in general
[Goals] Read just 10 pages of “Design is a Job” a day