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Weekly Top 5 #45 – Pencils Reimagined, Touch Screen MacBook and Writing

One Inspiration: Reimagining Pencils

If I ask you to redesign or redefined pencil as you know it, what would you come up with? These students from the Holon Institute of Technology has came up with some pretty darn amazing redesigns, definitely worth checking out.

One Surprise: Writing notes by hand lets you understand more

If you are as geeky as me, there’s a good chance you can type much faster than you can write by hand. However, just because you can type notes fast, it doesn’t mean you should. A study by Princeton University suggests that when we type up notes, we are just transcribing what we hear instead of actually understanding the subject at hand.

One Product: The Air Bar

At first this laptop add-on that allows your monitor to “become a touch screen” to be pretty darn amazing, but then I realise my own finger prints would drive me insane. Still a pretty darn cool idea

One Crowdfunding Campaign: Second e-ink screen phone case

I’m tempted to switch from Android to iPhone just for this amazing e-ink phone case Popslate 2, wonderful use of back of the phone as real-estate for notifications and always available information

One Book: Ready Player One

A wonderful sci-fi novel set in the future where virtual reality has become as important as reality itself. A fantastic geeky adventure. I’m so looking forward to seeing the movie next year

Final Words

How’s it going guys? The past week2 has just flown by for me, days are just blurring into one big blur. I’ve been trying to remind myself to slow down and take-in the good times and stress less about the bad ones.
How do you manage with stress? For me, it’s taking slow deep breathes and reminding myself whatever obstacle I am facing now, it probably won’t matter in a week, a month or a year’s time. It doesn’t always work, but it helps most of the time.

This week

[The Good] Went to my first gymnastics class in several years, was really nervous to begin with but felt pretty OK by the end
[The Good] Finally near the end of a long and slightly painful freelance project. Can’t wait for it to be over and get paid
[The Bad] Haven’t been getting much sleep, focus has been a bit off.
[Next Week] Meditate for 3 days this week
[Last Week] Successfully managed to work on Peak App everyday last week